After an extensive search and a few conversations with Ayelet, we finally decided to hire Blonde 2.0, given their history of success with other tech startups. It was the best decision we could have made. While we were a bit concerned over the time difference between Seattle and Tel Aviv, everyone at Blonde 2.0 was extremely flexible and worked to accommodate our schedule. The PR, social media, and strategy teams worked hard to formulate and train us to execute on all fronts. After three months, we are up and running with a comprehensive, customized social media strategy. We also have a number of articles that have been published in Forbes, FastCompany, and local media that give ChooseVets a great deal of brand legitimacy.

Johannes Schonberg Co-Founder and Director Strategy and Strategic Partnerships, ChooseVets

“I have had the pleasure of consulting with Ayelet on a number of occasions and have always found her commentary to be intellectually enlightening and insightful. She has taken her position at the epicenter of Israeli hi-tech and Web 2.0 and transformed herself and the companies she consults into social media powerhouses. "She is a true asset and pioneer in the Israeli technological scene and I am not even slightly surprised at the great success she is enjoying at Blonde 2.0.”

Tomer Molovinsky CMO of PredictAd

I worked with Ayelet prior to and throughout the launch of Complete. Ayelet and her team were instrumental in securing press from major publications and prominent evangelists. I highly recommend her for any early stage consumer tech company seeking to have an impactful product launch.

Alexander Schultz Co-Founder and CEO at Complete Labs, Inc

Excellent cooperation and always getting things done. Ayelet is well connected with the adtech world, which helps on moving the needle for relevant companies. It s a pleasure working with her and the team.

Conno Christou Co-Founder at Avocarrot

We have worked with several agencies before and have always left unsatisfied. Ayelet healed years of PR-firm-scars for us with her care, attentiveness, and smart strategy. She doesn't just talk a big game, she follows through with real results, and finds ways to position her clients for maximum exposure. It is an absolute joy to do business with her, and it is clear that her team is composed of bright minds that reflect her fun and intelligent way of being. Whenever another entrepreneur asks me for a PR firm recommendation, I never hesitate to send them to Ayelet. Quite literally, she is the best.

Bradford Folkens Entrepreneur and Consultant

"Going with Ayelet and the awesome team of Blonde 2.0 is probably the best move our company did. With a great “family” vibe, they are always seeking - and finding - great results. Personally, it’s a true pleasure to work and learn with/from Ayelet, Motti and the team. Creative, fun, and focused. Whatever your product is, Working with Ayelet truly maximizes the chances of real magic happening."

Raz Roth Co-Founder of Namez

"After working with Ayelet and the Blonde team I can say without any doubt that they are the most dedicated, professional and creative digital marketing company I have ever come across, and the results speak for themselves. The PR and Social strategy were innovative, and even more important ……they worked!! We achieved all our first month objectives in the first day!!!"

Shir Baor Co-Founder and CEO at Camera51

"The level of service the Blonde 2.0 team had provided us with, the deep understanding of both the product, the market and how to wrap it up to be picked up by the top technology publications and bloggers, the creative thinking, the fine and accurate phrasing of the PRs and guest posts and above all, the devotion of the team – all of these left us with great satisfaction."

Idan Miller Co-Founder of Vicomi

"I've learned of many interesting companies from the best PR people in the business like Ayelet Noff and Motti Peer."

Robert Scoble Silicon Valley Influencer

I've worked with Ayelet and her team for the past year. I had assumed they were good since they came highly recommended, but their work has exceeded all of my expectations. They've proven to be extremely service oriented and an absolute pleasure to work with. They are always available, they're very proactive, and most importantly, they get excellent results! I would highly recommend working with Ayelet and her team.

Tom Ryan CEO and Co-Founder at Pluto TV. Board Member at Smule, Threadless, Trunk Club

After speaking to vast amount of PR agencies, we knew from day one, that Ayelet and her team at Blonde 2.0 were the perfect fit for us. As we were located in two different time-zones, they were extremely flexible and really ensured that they were there at every critical moment regardless, of what time it was. Ayelet and Blonde 2.0 have exceeded our expectations in every regard and the team's ability to brain storm, ideate, come up with a tailored solution to your requirements and then execute those ideas is incredible and we have no hesitance in recommending them. I look forward to working with them again in the near future.

Kabir S Sidhu CEO & Founder at AirBolt

"Ayelet, Motti, and the Blonde 2.0 gang are hands down, the best P.R. agency I have ever encountered. With outstanding results, they are true professionals. They are fast, bold, accurate and surprising, alongside with being kind, attentive, fun and funky. Extremely well-connected and willing to go all the way for their clients. In short – The Best!"

Adam Grey Founder and CEO at Namez

"Ayelet and the Blonde2.0 team are awesome! In addition to being very very professional and knowledgable in the space of social media and PR, they were relentless in getting us the desired results. "Their ability to intimately grasp the nuance of our complex business, leverage their creativity to figure out the best message, and how to put it together and drive to the final result of coverage and buzz was super impressive! "Highly recommended to anyone who wants a marketing partner who gets startups."

Avishai Shoham Founder of Evo

"Ayelet is truly a rare combination of a PR professional and a clever and thoughtful person to work with. Some of her advise helped us in getting far more traction than we expected and, in addition, her personal devotion to get the work done with the best results possible, coupled with a great team of PR and content talents, helped us a lot in building our brand. I highly recommend to hire, and will be happy to provide further details to anyone if needed."

Danny Peled CEO and Co-Founder at Vidmind

“My company, idomoo, began using Ayelet’s services as a marketing consultant from our very first day. In the product development stages, Ayelet provided deep knowledge about how a web product should be built in terms of features, usability, design, and more. She also did a wonderful job analyzing and mapping potential competitors in order to help us find the right positioning for idomoo in the market. "We are now launching our online buzz marketing campaign, which was planned and built by Ayelet and her team at Blonde 2.0. We also look forward to using Ayelet’s high level contacts with leading bloggers and key people within the industry to help further our success and spread the word about our brand. Ayelet was also a great help in helping us to raise funds as she is connected to many angels and VCs who respect her opinion.”

Eitan Fogel Founder and CEO of idomoo

"It is a pleasure both personally and professionally to work with Ayelet and the rest of the team at Blonde 2.0. They are always one step ahead of us!"

Gil Devora Founder and Chairman of Shopcloud Ltd.

“Ayelet was personable and professional from day one. Being a North American in Israel, I was looking to work with people who really understand service and quality. We found that with Ayelet and her staff, and couldn’t be more happy. "The results of the coverage we got increased our exposure, and they delivered on everything they promised – and more! Kudos!”

Itamar Weisbrod CEO of FlyScreen

"What I have experienced working with Ayelet is that, not only can you rely on her to get s… done at impressive speed, she will go the extra mile and exceed your expectations on an ongoing basis. The culture she has been able to build at Blonde 2.0 is beyond best-practice, and a lot of agencies should take a peak at what they do, because they certainly do it right.”

Nicolas Branas Michaelsen Co-Founder and CMO of AirHelp

"I invest in startups and Ayelet is always my first choice for my portfolio. "Over the years, both she and her firm have delivered on numerous occasions the PR impact that was aimed for. If you’re considering a PR firm, make sure to contact Blonde 2.0. I’ll also be happy to provide an offline recommendation."

Roi Carthy Managing Partner at Initial Capital

Working with Ayelet and the team at Blonde 2.0 is a dream. One of the best PR agencies I've had the pleasure of working with, and always looking to turn the mundane into something worth talking about. She's super smart, super connected, and all about the relationship with the client. If you're a tech startup looking to make an impact I cannot recommend getting in touch with Ayelet highly enough.

Theo Priestley CEO | Technology Evangelist | Startup Mentor | Speaker

“Just wanted to thank you personally for the work you’ve done and for coming to be with us on the Medialectica event. I think you’re marketing efforts were very effective and were an important vehicle to reach some of our audience. I’m sure we will work again soon.”

Uri Adoni Venture Partner at JVP

“I have recommended Ayelet to numerous startups, and have never regretted this. Ayelet is a true professional, and is the one to turn to for results.”

Yaniv Golan Co-Founder and CTO of Yedda

"We used the services of Ayelet and her team several times, and are still a client. Ayelet has a unique understanding and superb connections in the global tech market. She will tell you very clearly what can be achieved and then over-deliver consistently. Highly Recommended!"

Ami Ben-David Founder of

“I hired Ayelet 6 months prior to our market launch in order to support uTest in its initial awareness marketing campaign. The result produced by Ayelet has been far beyond my initial expectations. "Ayelet is highly appreciated by fellow bloggers and is well connected and appreciated as a true professional. She introduced numerous ideas that helped our awareness campaign tremendously. Ayelet is a hard worker and a true professional. I will be sure to use her services again. "I am happy to recommend Ayelet to anybody requiring marketing consultancy, awareness, and positioning.”

Doron Reuveni Co-Founder and CEO of Applause

“Ayelet occupies a unique position at the intersection of cutting-edge social media and PR. While it’s not unique to find someone who says they do both, it is indeed rare to find someone that gets tangible and meaningful results in both areas. Her knowledge of social media extends well beyond the theoretical or “fluffy” talk that so many spout. Any startup that finds its way to big success has a lot of contributions from a lot of different sources, and you and the Blonde 2.0 team have done a great job for us!”

Matt Johnston CMO at Applause