Molly Winik

Blockchain PR Supervisor
Molly, a native New Jersey girl, moved to Israel in 2014 to live abroad and teach English in a local school. Before moving here, Molly received a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature & American Studies from a small liberal arts school in Pennsylvania you’ve definitely never heard of. After learning that teaching wasn’t for her, she attended Tel Aviv University for a Master’s Degree in Political Science & Communication. Molly loves all forms of social media and can constantly be seen browsing through Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and all the works. She is really excited to be joining the Blonde 2.0 Team and hopes to bring her writing skills and passion for social media to the table. When she’s not at work, Molly can be found talking about her English bulldog Bubba (she is admittedly unhealthily obsessed with him), watching anything on Bravo, or trying and failing to cook.
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