Michelle Chiera

PR Supervisor
Michelle blew in from the Windy City (da Bears) to Israel in 2014. A proud Chicagoan, Michelle brags that she has seen every ‘Godfather’ movie, and ‘Goodfellas’ collectively over 200 times. If you pay attention you will notice she works in references from both films into every conversation and situation. Michelle came to Israel to teach English in Rehovot and decided Israel was the place for her. Prior to moving to Israel, Michelle graduated from Roosevelt University with a background in Social Justice, and participated in three seasons of Second City workshops. Whether writing skits for the stage, or for her own personal blogs, Michelle hopes to bring her passion for writing to Blonde 2.0! When she’s not working to hide her south-side accent, she shamelessly enjoys watching every Real Housewives of any city, eating all the foods all the time, and shower singing Barbra Streisand.
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