Ayelet Noff

Founder and Co-CEO
Ayelet has been involved in the tech scene since 2000. In her past she was the Marketing Manager at ICQ for 4 years and a writer at TechCrunch and Mashable. In 2006 she set out to build the Blonde 2.0 empire which now has over 25 employees from all around the world. Since then, Blonde 2.0 has become one of the leading boutique digital PR firms in the world, helping 60+ tech companies globally. Ayelet grew up in Manhattan, received a B.A. in Politics from Brandeis University and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.
Ayelet has been named one of the Startup Nation’s “Movers and Shakers” on Forbes. She is the host of ‘Startups Around the World’ on the i24 News Channel, and a regular contributor at publications such as The Next Web, VentureBeat and Forbes.
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