Allison Raygada

Account Associate
This girl has an opinion on just about anything. The question that still has her stumped is the simple: “Where are you from?”. Allison is a half Peruvian, half French, Venezuelan-born American girl, who feels the most at home in Tel Aviv. Adapting is not her greatest struggle, going to the gym however… Luckily for her, carbs are not an issue, as she is a gluten free, pescatarian (that means she still eats fish). She loves pop culture, old and new, from I Love Lucy to Justin Bieber. She thinks North West is an awesome name, don’t even try to win that argument. Politics and social justice are her favorite subjects, which she intended to study when attending George Washington University in DC; but, she was too sensitive to be diplomatic and switched to Theater and Communications instead. After landing internships in Nickelodeon and Spanish television channel, Univision, she understood media was the best way to get people informed. Finally having found her way, PR is where she hopes to make a difference.

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