Ayelet Noff – Founder and Co-CEO


Ayelet has been involved in the startup and social media scene before the term social media even existed. In her past she was the Marketing Manager at ICQ for 4 years as well as a writer at Mashable, TechCrunch and The Next Web. In 2006 she set out to build the Blonde 2.0 empire which now has over 20 employees from all around the world. Since then, Blonde 2.0 has become the largest global digital marketing company in Israel helping 40+ companies worldwide.

Specifically for the startups she works with both in Israel and Europe, Ayelet acts as a diplomat, enabling them to get the exposure they deserve and the business opportunities they require in order to have the same equal chance as startups located in Silicon Valley or New York City.

Motti Peer – Co-CEO


Motti has founded various companies in the security, hardware and finance sectors. He has many years of experience as a money and hedge fund manager and holds MBA in Finance and Marketing from Manchester University and a BA in Business Management from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Talia Finn-Jakar – Team Leader


Talia received her BA in Social Science from Bar Ilan University and graduated Advertising School with Honors. She also has a Strategic Planning certificate from the Israeli advertising school Habetzefer. Prior to joining Blonde 2.0, she worked in the marketing department of a large American telecommunications company, and polished her people skills.
Talia is always online meeting new people and finding new websites to shop for shoes. You’ll never catch her without her high heels.

Jonah Balfour – Head of PR and Blogger Relations


Jonah Balfour received his B.A. in English and Political Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has diverse experience in communications and journalism and honed his skills in marketing writing while working at SPEEDbit. Jonah is an avid fan of technology and social media with a special interest in all things Apple. He is also a committed Trekker and owns the Star Trek: Technical Manual, the complete blueprints to the Starship Enterprise (D), and an old copy of the Klingon dictionary.

Shahar Goldfinger – Creative Catalyst


Now, this is the story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I’d like to take a minute
Just sit on floor
I’ll tell you how I became creative catalyst a the company Blonde 2.0

In North Rehovot born and raised
On the playstation was where I spent most of my days
Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool
And all shootin some aliens outside of school
When a couple of guys
Who were doing real good
Startin lookin for a creative in my neighborhood
I got in one little interview and my mom was in awe
She said ‘I’m so happy Your Going to work at blonde 2.0′

Maria Green – Supervisor


Maria Green has a B.A in Psychology and Communication from the Open University. She holds a Marketing and PR certificate from the Israeli advertising school Habetzefer, where she graduated with honors. Before working in Blonde 2.0 Maria was the Strategic Portfolio Manager for a big media company in Israel. Maria loves Fashion, hates rain, enjoys music and recently started playing the Cello. She is always logged into Facebook, even when she sleeps and she can’t eat anything without taking a picture of it first.

Yael Hagar – PR and Blogger Relations


“Things in life have no real beginning, though our stories about them always do.” (Colum McCann)

After working for many years as a  PR & communications consultant for leading companies such as Google, YouTube, Dell and eBay, Yael decided to take her vast experience in media relations and storytelling and implement them in a new direction – The thriving and dynamic startup market.

Yael’s SEO index: Hip-Hop, tattoos, over the top sandwiches, Uzi (her dog), Australia, Astrology, MAC (the cosmetics not the apple), Stevie Wonder ,mad jokes, The Big Brother.

Lauren Perry – PR and Blogger Relations


Lauren received her B.A. in Psychology from Boston University, with a minor in Business Administration. She spent the next years educating and mentoring student leaders on campuses across the United States. Thereafter, while managing the social networks for Boston University’s Hillel, the largest student organization on campus, her passion grew for effective social communication.

Lauren is a foodie and by that we mean she eats everything! Always a Bostonian at heart now that she has made aliyah, she spends her free time walking around Tel Aviv with her puppy.

Erica Schain – Community and Content Manager


Erica, a Jersey girl making her way here in Israel since 2010. A true spitfire, she’s been working in Marketing and Sales since attending Kutztown University in Pennsylvania and joined Blonde 2.0 due to her love of marketing and our love of her sassy attitude! Never sure of what she will do or say next, she brings that spark to the office that brightens everyone’s day.

Arielle Shack – Community and Content Manager


Arielle is an Internet and social media addict from New Jersey. She loves to hula-hoop, knit, and read. Arielle graduated from IDC Herzliya with a BA in Persuasive Communications in hopes to one-day take over the world.

Gidi Adlersberg – Community and Content Manager


After studying Audio Engineering at SAE London, Gidi completed his B.A in Business Management and Philosophy at Tel-Aviv University. Maccabi Tel-Aviv, Manchester United, Radiohead, and apparently scuba diving are amongst his biggest loves in life. Technology, computing, internet, social trends, sports, music or just real life: he always has some thought or plan running through his mind..!

Naama Oron – Community and Content Manager


Naama received her B.A. in English Literature and Education from Ben-Gurion University in Be’er Sheva. She’s fascinated and addicted to anything that has Social Media written all over it!
Naama can’t live without music, books, tattoos, art and the INTERNET.

Rebecca Dominitz- Community and Content Manager


Rebecca was born and raised in London but recently did the crazy thing of making Aliyah. She enjoys new challenges and adventures. You will often find her cycling through the streets of Tel Aviv to see what new things she can discover and reading on the beach in between bike journeys. She’s a social media addict, there is just no other way to put it, her love of social media brought her to us and now we can bring her to you.

Adva Cohen – Swiss Army Knife


“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” – Old Chinese proverb

That is what Adva felt when, after finishing her degree in communications and East Asia studies, she received a scholarship in Taipei. And quickly thereafter fell in love with Hong Kong. Though she is not made in china, she speaks Chinese and learning German, which helps to understand the German goth metal bands she likes so much. She’s been slapping the bass for 12 years, Fashion is her passion and food makes her happy (though it doesn’t show on her figure)


And yes boys, she’s single.

Talia Londoner – Community and Content Manager


Talia is a native of the media and entertainment mecca of Los Angeles and is intimately familiar with the spin, positioning, and marketing of celebrity culture. Coming from a background in Music and Theater where Social Media plays such a critical role in personal branding, Londoner brings that same passion to her clients at Blonde 2.0.

Jedi – Team Spirit Leader


Though he comes in a little package, Jedi is indeed a great warrior. Don’t underestimate the power of his cuteness, for after defeating the evil Galactic Empire, he went on to train the employees of Blonde 2.0 in the ways of the Force. Though he doesn’t always play by the rules (i.e. peeing outside) Jedi gets the job done. Look at him. Judge him by his size, do you? Hmm?

Morey Altman- PR and Blogger Relations


Morey has a diverse background in communications and media. Before making aliya from Canada in 2008, he was a writer/segment producer specializing in science documentaries, and ran the Vancouver Jewish Film Festival. In Israel, he has worked in social media marketing and written for Israeli publications like The Jerusalem Report and Essential Ra’anana Magazine. Morey majored in Journalism/Film at Carleton University and is a graduate of the Algonquin College TV Broadcasting program. He’s also a classically trained percussionist who now mostly performs on steering wheels in many popular model cars. He is married with pets, appreciates good whiskey and a good argument, and knows more about ‘Doctor Who’ than any grown man should.

Alona Stein – Community and Content Manager


Working as a team leader at an Israeli startup company and graduating from the Tel- Aviv University with a BSc in Psychology and Biology was just not enough excitement for Alona and she decided to join our team as a community and content manager and add more BLONDE to our agency! Alona never misses a Pilates practice and in her free time she enjoys baking, inventing new recipes and watching a lot of TV shows.

Liran Dickstein – Community and Content Manager


After graduating with Honors from Sapir Collage, Liran joined our Blonde team and brought a ‘breath’ of fresh dust from the Negev. He comes in each morning with his bikers’ jacket, which is worn out from the years he was a journalist and a helmet, full of creative and fresh ideas. Liran is a great copywriter who just writes and doesn’t need to copy anything.

Ksenya Kopilovsky- Community and Content Manager


Ksenya has a BA in International Relations and English From the Hebrew University and a MA in Journalism from University of Lincoln in the United Kingdom. Travelling is one of her favorite things and it’s very probable that right now she’s planning her next trip. She never reads the instructions to anything as enjoys trying to figure out how they work by herself. Ksenya can’t live without music, coffee and chocolate and when she’s not working, she’s usually baking. Writing, social media, gadgets, Psychoanalysis and environmental issues are her biggest interests.

Bar Zukerman- PR and Blogger relations


Bar grew up in Israel but moved to Boston as a teenager where she graduated high school. She got her B.A. in communications from IDC Herzeliya after which she joined the army and served in the IDF as a spokesperson working with hundreds of foreign correspondents covering the Middle East conflict. Bar joined our team fresh out of the army and when she’s not at work you’ll find her running, hanging with friends and being Blonde.