We Are Blonde 2.0

Led by Co-CEOs Ayelet Noff and Motti Peer, the Blonde 2.0 team consists of over 35 PR professionals and some of the greatest leadership PR has ever seen.

Motti Peer Co-CEO

Motti holds an MBA in Finance and Marketing from Manchester University. As Co-CEO of Blonde 2.0, he is responsible for handling the Public Relations aspects, strategy, and specializes in crisis management. He likes to think “out of the box” and come up with strategies that improve our clients’ growth and increase their brand awareness. Motti was an officer in the IDF and served as Chief Instructor in LOTAR the IDF’s School for Anti Terrorism. Motti is known to be a CEO by day and mentor by night who entrepreneurs can call for any advice. Motti serves as a mentor and a lecturer at the Executive MBA program of Tel Aviv University, Michlelet Afeka, and IDC’s entrepreneurial program. He also serves as a member of the board of directors at the Taub Center.

Motti has been named one of the Startup Nation’s “Movers and Shakers” on Forbes.

Ayelet Noff Founder and Co-CEO

Ayelet Noff is the Founder and CEO of award-winning PR Firm Blonde 2.0 with offices in Tel Aviv and Boston. Founded in 2006, the firm specializes in publicizing the hottest technology startups, enterprises, VCs, and lifestyle brands globally. We also have a special dedicated unit called BlondeChain, that is designed to serve the PR needs of crypto companies. Blonde 2.0 has 25 employees and helps its clients such as Google, Microsoft, Viber, and many others, receive coverage in major publications, engage with consumers and influencers, and create a consistent buzz on the Web and beyond.

In 2017, Ayelet was named by Business Insider as one of the world’s 50 best public relations people in the tech industry. She has also been named one of the Startup Nation’s “Movers and Shakers” on Forbes

She is the host of ‘Startups Around the World’ on the i24 News Channel, and a regular contributor at publications such as The Next Web, VentureBeat and Forbes.

Since founding Blonde 2.0, she has led successful PR activities for hundreds of companies, and lectures on the topic in conferences around the world.

Lauren Perry General Manager - Boston

After receiving a BA in Psychology with a minor in Business Administration from BU, much like Superman, Lauren decided to use her powers for good and traveled the United States training student leaders on how to best implement strategic communications and discourse on campus. Bringing it full circle, she returned to Boston University Hillel, the largest student organization on the campus, as Director of Student Activities to continue developing future leaders and manage publicity.

Lauren currently manages the Blonde 2.0 Boston office alongside her Maltese Zoey. A self-proclaimed foodie, by which she means she eats everything, this Bostonian can be found eating anything from Maine’s best lobster to South Station’s finest McDonalds value meals.

Alona Stein Account Director

A certified diver, Alona takes everything in life as an underwater journey - diving deep and trying to understand new and exciting environments. With a background as a team leader in a startup company, this Hungarian speaking natural blonde fits into the Blonde PR team like potatoes in a Goulash. She can recite Bring It On by heart and often quotes "Burr, it's cold in here" when the air conditioner is turned up high.

Michelle Chiera Content Supervisor

Michelle blew in from the Windy City (da Bears) to Israel in 2014. A proud Chicagoan, Michelle brags that she has seen every ‘Godfather’ movie, and ‘Goodfellas’ collectively over 200 times. If you pay attention you will notice she works in references from both films into every conversation and situation. Michelle came to Israel to teach English in Rehovot and decided Israel was the place for her. Prior to moving to Israel, Michelle graduated from Roosevelt University with a background in Social Justice, and participated in three seasons of Second City workshops. Whether writing skits for the stage, or for her own personal blogs, Michelle hopes to bring her passion for writing to Blonde 2.0! When she’s not working to hide her south-side accent, she shamelessly enjoys watching every Real Housewives of any city, eating all the foods all the time, and shower singing Barbra Streisand.

Sharon Kaslassi Media Relations Supervisor

Sharon finally escaped the freezing cold in Canada to bask in the Israeli sun in 2014. She doesn’t say ‘aboot’, drink maple syrup or say ‘eh’, but she does binge eat, binge sleep and binge watch Netflix. Sharon graduated with a BA in Kinesiology at York University and unexpectedly found her calling in the non-stop world of PR. Sharon loves tech and even more so loves any gadget that can make life easier for her.

Chris Wegman-Tahan Account Supervisor

A born and bred Kentuckian, Chris moved to Israel from her small hometown in 2010 to study in a six month program and hasn’t moved back since. She obtained her degree in Sociology and Anthropology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, but focused her time working at startups to learn all she could about the world of tech. A true lover of all things sports and a soccer player for 18 years, in her free time she is found either out running, biking, or with a ball in her hands or at her feet.

Molly Winik Account Supervisor

Molly, a native New Jersey girl, moved to Israel in 2014 to live abroad and teach English in a local school. Before moving here, Molly received a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature & American Studies from a small liberal arts school in Pennsylvania you’ve definitely never heard of. After learning that teaching wasn’t for her, she attended Tel Aviv University for a Master’s Degree in Political Science & Communication. Molly loves all forms of social media and can constantly be seen browsing through Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and all the works. She is really excited to be joining the Blonde 2.0 Team and hopes to bring her writing skills and passion for social media to the table. When she’s not at work, Molly can be found talking about her English bulldog Bubba (she is admittedly unhealthily obsessed with him), watching anything on Bravo, or trying and failing to cook.

Jedi Team Spirit Leader

Though he comes in a little package, Jedi is indeed a great warrior. Don’t underestimate the power of his cuteness, for after defeating the evil Galactic Empire, he went on to train the employees of Blonde 2.0 in the ways of the Force. Though he doesn’t always play by the rules (i.e. peeing outside) Jedi gets the job done. Look at him. Judge him by his size, do you? Hmm?