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Introducing Blondechain

Strategic communications and community management, creating the best PR blockchain team on the planet.

Our Expertise

Since 2006, Blonde 2.0 has helped more than 1000 technology companies such as Bancor, Waze, Microsoft, Viber, and more, handle their tech and crypto PR.
Our areas of blockcain and crypto expertise:

Blockchain client experience

  • Protocols
  • Open Source Dev
  • Hyperledger
  • Permissioned Ledgers
  • Developer Communities
  • Smart Contracts
  • DLT
  • DAO

Digital Currencies experience

  • Mining
  • Wallets
  • Exchanges
  • Payment systems
  • Whitepapers
  • ICOs / Token Offerings
  • AML / KYC
  • Cryptographic Security

Our Services

Since 2006 we've worked with huge tech companies, startups, VCs, and financial organizations, and have assembled a world class PR team. We have now combined them with top notch blockchain experts in order to create the best blockchain PR offering for our clients

  • Blockchain PR
  • Crypto PR
  • Fundraising promotion
  • Media Relations
  • Speaking oppretunities
  • Community Strategy
  • Community management
  • Content creation and consultation
  • Product and messaging consultation
  • Analytics, Measurement and Insights


We work with the most disruptive players in the blockchain space. We collaborate with them to create the best blockchain PR campaigns and share their stories with the world:


    Status is a browser, messenger, and gateway to a decentralized world.

  • ardor Logo

    NXT 2.0. This blockchain solves the problem of blockchain bloat because it offers a parent/child structure.

  • Winding Tree Logo

    An Ethereum blockchain application that proposes to decentralize travel planning transactions, offering a peer-to-peer platform that will allow for the creation of new business models in the travel industry.

  • Bancor Logo

    The standard for creation of continuously liquid cryptocurrencies called “Smart Tokens”

  • CrowdWiz Logo

    A fully decentralized crypto investment platform that uses a crowdsourced decision making process as an alternative to traditional investment funding.

  • hero Logo

    Decentralized, ethereum-based esports prediction platform that eliminates the middleman.

  • Ignis logo

    Ignis is the first child chain of Ardor, which will be completely unrestricted and decentralized with all features and functionality that currently exist on the Nxt blockchain.

  • Jelurida Logo

    The development company behind Nxt and Ardor blockchain platforms.

  • NXT-Foundation

    An advanced blockchain platform which builds on and improves the basic functionality of pioneering cryptocurrencies. Nxt has been fully operational since 2014.

  • stoxbyinvest Logo

    An open source, Ethereum-based prediction market platform.

  • Zen Protocol Logo

    Zen is making secure, peer to peer finance possible on a public blockchain, removing the need for intermediaries such as banks and brokers.

  • Erachain Logo

    The first, fully operational decrypted and verified blockchain to offer users the choice between a decrypted or encrypted solution, ushering organizations dependent on legal regulation and sensitive data.

  • Snip20170913_4

    Alignment is the premier one-stop-shop for blockchain creation & transformation

Let’s Talk

We are very accustomed to working with technology companies in a fast paced environment. Our crypto PR and blockchain PR teams are ready to start working with you as soon as your timeline dictates. Drop us a line and we will be sure to get back to you asap.

We accept ETH, BTC, and ICO allocation.

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