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As we approach Memorial Day, I think it’s safe to say summer has arrived! And yes, I realize that technically summer solstice starts on June 21st, but if you’re in college, or know a recent graduate, you measure the beginning of summer by a different yard stick: the end of school. While your Freshman through […]

I am a full believer that exercising outdoors is good for the soul. While running, I have time to think, time to de-stress, and most importantly, time to myself. Combine all of these positive aspects with being outside, and you have a time to enjoy nature while improving your health. However, while running outside, I […]

Let’s be honest, following the announcement of Kim Kardashian’s new emojis, everyone fell into two categories – either the people that could not care less, or the people that needed to get their hands on that crying emoji. Since their invention in 1995, emojis have become a staple of texting, and with Kim K on […]

The weather is starting to cool down, the leaves are beginning to change color, and what seems like the longest summer ever (amiright?) is finally coming to an end. For those of us less eager to show off our legs and stomachs during bikini season, the coming of fall means we get to transition into […]

Social media is our go to method for communication and staying up to date on friends, family, and world events. It’s a powerful tool for information and even more powerful tool for distraction. Social media’s bad reputation for taking up too much of our time everyday has some backing, but it’s power over us can […]

Mother’s Day is here again and my mother never lets me forget that although I am all grown up, I am still her son. “Can you please put the phone down,” my mother says, using the same tone of voice as when I was 10 years old. “We’re about to have dinner.” “Uh-huh,” I say […]

My family tried an experiment once – no cell phones allowed at the dinner table. This is because my siblings and I practically have our phones crazy glued to our hands. As you can imagine, this didn’t last. Like a lot of people these days we are constantly connected with our friends. I think this […]

On December 24th, 2010 I posted my first photo to Instagram. As with most addictions, my dependence on this platform started slowly. In the beginning I was only using the app to archive cool, vintage and interesting photos. To tell you the truth, I was so unaware of the power that was about to overcome […]

Everyday we see many different brands utilizing user-generated content, and they all know what they’re doing. Users and consumers alike have a lot of influence on their immediate circles because they are real people, posting their real opinions. As opposed to models or actors on commercials, UGC makes a better, more genuine impression. If done […]

Facebook gets a lot of flack for copying Twitter features like Trending Topics, but today it is evolving on Android and web, and coming soon to iOS. Each trend is divided into five sections: The first two sections, “Articles” and “In the Story” will show you how news organizations are covering the story and posts […]