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Social media is our go to method for communication and staying up to date on friends, family, and world events. It’s a powerful tool for information and even more powerful tool for distraction. Social media’s bad reputation for taking up too much of our time everyday has some backing, but it’s power over us can […]

These days, the fashion world has turned to technology in order keep up with fashion forward women. There are countless apps for both iOS and/or Android that fashion lovers can use to keep up with the latest trends, news, and runway shows. Not only can you browse the latest news, but now you are able […]

After four years of fashion school, countless runway shows, and numerous after parties, I finally learned the secret of how to make sure you don’t miss a single accessory, Social Media. With everyone online, staying connected has become extremely easy. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr, are five of the most popular social platforms in […]

If you are like me (or every other girl I’ve ever met), you have probably been planning your wedding since…well, probably since you were old enough to figure out what a wedding was. For me I think it was around the age of three and a half, when I figured out how to run around […]

Social media never sleeps even though you do. Here are six tips to help you tame your social media now. 1. That platform looks bad on you, take it off! First and foremost, you’re going to need to start making strategic choices on what platforms you should focus on. The platform you think is perfect […]

Pinterest, Quora, LinkedIn should be among the tools to take your business to the next level Social media tools are everywhere, but how do you know which ones your startup should focus on? In our work at and Blonde 2.0, we’ve had access to dozens of tools and platforms, but not all social technologies […]

I remember my first computer, 75 Megahertz processor and 250 megabyte hard drive; I now have a disk on key that has 30 times that amount of space. I remember that horrible sound of AOL trying to connect to the internet through a 24.4 k modem. We thought we were so technologically advanced back then; […]


Very Pinteresting

Post written by Joanna Ezekiel It’s no secret I’m obsessed with organization. In my last post I wrote about Evernote, the ultimate note taking organizational tool. Since then, I started using Pinterest, which has overtaken Evernote as my favorite way to save and share images. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard, which allows you to save […]