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I am a full believer that exercising outdoors is good for the soul. While running, I have time to think, time to de-stress, and most importantly, time to myself. Combine all of these positive aspects with being outside, and you have a time to enjoy nature while improving your health. However, while running outside, I […]

Mother’s Day is here again and my mother never lets me forget that although I am all grown up, I am still her son. “Can you please put the phone down,” my mother says, using the same tone of voice as when I was 10 years old. “We’re about to have dinner.” “Uh-huh,” I say […]

Photo Credit: CC BY-SA 2.0, itsmeritesh, Flickr

For as long as I can remember, or to be fair, ever since I officially realized I should give up my dream of making it to the NBA (all 5’10” of me), I knew one thing: I want to make my living from thinking and writing. I didn’t care if I become a novelist, a […]

So like all good Apple fans, I was glued to my Apple TV/MacBook/iPhone screen last Tuesday as the company presented its latest iPhones and unveiled Apple Watch. This was a big day for the tech giant, as it marked the first time since the launch of the iPad that Apple rolled out a brand-new hardware […]

I can remember getting my first cell phone back in the ’90’s. It was a Nokia 1011.  The only game options I had were “Catch” and ‘Try To Break Me“. Try to break me was my favorite. My friends and I would throw the phone as hard as we could against a wall. Usually, the wall […]

I post a lot on social media (surprise, I work in social media!) and sorry, but I’m not sorry. For many, especially those fondly referred to as millennials, posting on social media has become a normal and even expected part of one’s day. My constant sharing on social media often results in people informing me […]

Over the last several months marketers have been struggling with the many restrictions and changes in content exposure on Facebook.  It is already known that in order to get proper exposure of content on Facebook you’ll need to pay, otherwise only between 1-2% of your fans will get to see your page posts on their […]

Why do they call us the “Startup Nation”? Just take a look at the numbers. When counting how many European startups there are in comparison to Israeli-born startups, the answer will surely make you proud of our small, but very active entrepreneurial nation. Israel may have a sterling reputation for producing hi-tech startups, but when […]

Facebook finally started rolling out the new Facebook news feed. I don’t know about you, but I’m happy with the new redesign. It’s cleaner and more fun to look at. To put it simply, it’s just a lot easier on the eyes. For marketers, Facebook’s new ‘news feed’ is both a challenge and an opportunity. […]

Facebook Pages are increasingly becoming an invaluable part of companies’ day-to-day marketing activities, but during FMC in February of last year, Facebook announced to businesses that an average of only 16%of the members on their Page actually get exposed on their newsfeed to the content that they upload. This caused quite a shock amongst companies that until then […]