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Once in a while we must ask ourselves, “Is my profile picture still accurate?” Social networking is all about harvesting a personal brand. You must remain in control of how your branding is spun. Inaccurate social media profiles could be hurting your image. Facebook turned ten this year – and most of your content probably […]

We’re all aware that social media is commonly used for customer service. The average user has a pretty clear understanding on how things work and knows that the effect of posting a complaint to Facebook or Twitter is larger than just calling customer service. Why is this? Simple! When you post something – people will […]

Pinterest, Quora, LinkedIn should be among the tools to take your business to the next level Social media tools are everywhere, but how do you know which ones your startup should focus on? In our work at and Blonde 2.0, we’ve had access to dozens of tools and platforms, but not all social technologies […]

Which Social Network Could You Not Live Without?(trends)

Once upon a Myspace time, I tried searching for a few band profiles inside the Myspace network. I didn’t get the exact spelling and spacing right, and ended up on a total search maze. What a disaster! From there on out, I would actually leave Myspace, go back to Google and search there for a […]

Facebook has been adding a whole lot of new features lately. Although they haven’t quite filled the cups of each kind of social profiler (ie: musicians, career seekers, etc) but they have certainly risen to the 3/4 mark, and are getting closer by the day. (Yes, I’m recording exact measurements). Yeah, yeah, last week, Facebook […]