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For anyone who’s been underground for the last few weeks, I would like to introduce you to Viber. Viber is an iPhone application that allows you to make 100% free calls to other Viber users over 3G and WiFi and is able to run completely in the background without draining your battery. Below you’ll find a […]

Soluto is the company that won the first TechCrunch Disrupt which was held in January of this year. Soluto is working to end the frustration we are all having with PCs by utilizing the wisdom of the crowds from around the world. Think of it as a crowdsourced PC perfection tool. Their intention is to […]

At LeWeb I bumped into Alex Ljung, founder of SoundCloud who showed me a new feature in their iPhone application. SoundCloud is a platform that enables people to share sounds. The iPhone app enables you to save sounds and send sounds to your friends. The new feature which was released last week, allows you to […]

If you’re a techie and want to know whether you’re in the right conference, check if Robert Scoble (aka Scobleizer) is around. If he’s there, you’re in the right place. I have known Robert for many years and have traveled with him to conferences around the world. He is one of the most articulate people […]

Had a great time on the first day of LeWeb10. All the who’s who from Silicon Valley and the European tech scene were there: Marissa Mayer, Dennis Crowley, Michael Arrington, Jeff Clavier and more. I especially enjoyed seeing the face of Mike Jones, CEO of MySpace, letting us all understand that “no, really, we didn’t […]

In early December, I’ll be heading to Paris for LeWeb 2010, Europe’s premiere event for Internet industry professionals. I’ve been there twice before and have always enjoyed the mix of European culture with tech innovation. LeWeb is the type of event that is attended by both top stars from Silicon Valley as well as European […]