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Elections in the U.S, war in Syria, political turmoil in Europe… Looks like every burning issue the world is dealing with can be connected to or have repercussions on Israel. For some people, the mere mention of Israel creates a whole bunch of different emotions – From sad to happy, from anger to laughter… But […]

Let’s be honest, following the announcement of Kim Kardashian’s new emojis, everyone fell into two categories – either the people that could not care less, or the people that needed to get their hands on that crying emoji. Since their invention in 1995, emojis have become a staple of texting, and with Kim K on […]

The biggest holiday in America may not technically be a “holiday” at all. Of course I am talking about the ‘holiest’ day in American sports – Super Bowl Sunday. On Sunday the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks battled quarterback Tom Brady and his New England Patriots in Arizona in Super Bowl XLIX with the […]

For me rock stars are people who push boundaries to stand up for what they believe in. Through their charisma they motivate introspection. Last week, I met one of these people – the Australian ambassador to Israel, Dave Sharma. I had the amazing opportunity to interview him about all the great work he is doing […]

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know about the conflict we’ve had here in Israel. Hamas was attacking Israel and the IDF was attacking Hamas. As Ron Burgundy would say, things escalated quickly, so quickly that within a week an explosive charge was planted on a bus. But this post isn’t about that conflict (some […]

Last Thursday night a whole bunch of very VERY cool people came out to the Garage Geeks including Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, Stanley Fischer, the Governor of the Bank of Israel, his son David Fischer, VP of Advertising and Global Operations at Facebook, as well as Robert Stephens, CTO of Best Buy and founder […]

Often time when I am traveling abroad, people ask me: “Why does Israel have so many startups? What is it about Israel that makes it so innovative and strong in the hi-tech industry?” Saul Singer together with Dan Senor have researched that question and have written a whole book about it. They believe the Israeli […]

Guest Post written by guest author Ahuvah Berger Last night Kaltura and Blonde 2.0 hosted an intimate gathering in honor of Digg’s Matt Van Horn’s arrival in Israel. The lovely mixer took place at the elegant Benyamin Wine Bar in Tel Aviv and we had a special musical performance by David Broza, an Israeli musical icon. […]