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One of the latest trends in software development is the expansion and evolution of DevOps, in which developers work together with operations staff in order to ensure that the software of the company runs with a minimum of problems. And as such, many companies find themselves in a challenging situation because with the rise of […]

Smartphones are dominating the world: mobile phones are now capable of handling pretty much anything you throw at them, well, besides doing your laundry or brewing your favorite Starbucks frappuccino. How smart, you’re asking? Ultra HD 4K Screen resolution, the ability to take professional-level pictures, produce hi-fi audio output, count your steps, track your sleep, […]

I can remember getting my first cell phone back in the ’90’s. It was a Nokia 1011.  The only game options I had were “Catch” and ‘Try To Break Me“. Try to break me was my favorite. My friends and I would throw the phone as hard as we could against a wall. Usually, the wall […]

At some point over the last eight months I learned a joke about runners: Q: How do you know if someone has run a marathon? A: They’ll tell you. With that out of the way, it was probably around 10 years ago that I first started to think about running a marathon. I wasn’t a […]

“My iPhone is being rude!” That was the beginning of an enlightening conversation I had with my mother-in-law about a month ago. Everyone knows that I’m an Apple fanboy and my friends and family come to me with all their Apple related questions. In the case of my mother-in-law, she was having problems with the […]

Like many music lovers, I feel the need to have music with me everywhere I go. Back as a kid I always had my Walkman with me, then it was my CD player and then my wondrous iRiver. Ahhh, the memories…However, these days you don’t have to carry around any “extra baggage”  to have your […]

Last week, Tim Cook made his second appearance on stage, at the D11 conference, as Apple’s CEO. With Apple running its longest time in-between product cycles announcement in years and its stock going down, tech lovers want to see what Tim Cook has to tell us about Apple and where it’s going next. In case you […]

We live in interesting times. For tech lovers, this is especially true as the last five years have seen one of the most explosive periods of technological innovation the world has ever seen. Ever since the release of the iPhone in 2007, the tech landscape has changed more dramatically than at any other time since […]

What’s so great about a baby biting his brother’s finger? There are 500 million people you can ask.
Viral videos have become the Internet’s Holy Grail. Yes, I’m talking about those videos that you get via Facebook, Twitter, email and other Social Media channels. You know, those videos that you watch during work instead of actually doing your job.

Never in the field of technology was one man so right about so many things. You’ll have to excuse me for paraphrasing Winston Churchill, but the fifth anniversary of the iPhone launch which the tech world marked recently has me reflecting on the significance of this iconic device. While it’s obvious in hindsight that the […]