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Once in a while we must ask ourselves, “Is my profile picture still accurate?” Social networking is all about harvesting a personal brand. You must remain in control of how your branding is spun. Inaccurate social media profiles could be hurting your image. Facebook turned ten this year – and most of your content probably […]

I love the new Gmail tabs. Why? Because they filter out so much of the “less important” mail that I used to get in my main inbox without requiring any action on my behalf, so that I can focus on the truly important mails that require my attention. Now, when I say “less important” mail, […]

Last week, Tim Cook made his second appearance on stage, at the D11 conference, as Apple’s CEO. With Apple running its longest time in-between product cycles announcement in years and its stock going down, tech lovers want to see what Tim Cook has to tell us about Apple and where it’s going next. In case you […]

We live in interesting times. For tech lovers, this is especially true as the last five years have seen one of the most explosive periods of technological innovation the world has ever seen. Ever since the release of the iPhone in 2007, the tech landscape has changed more dramatically than at any other time since […]

Apple is famous for the glowing reviews and adoring media attention it receives. Steve Jobs was a master of spin and was known for his so-called “Reality Distortion Field” which allowed him to convince an audience of just about anything. Some of that PR magic had already started to fade before Job’s death as Apple […]

The Google Doodle… well to start off with it’s a mouthful, and the challenge is not just to say it 7 times in a row, but now also to win a ‘gold’ medal in the Olympic Google games that I have been playing every few days since July 27th. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not […]

Get it together Google. Get it together Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG and everyone else! I am sick and tired of phones that don’t work. How hard can it be? Simply said, I’m a loyal Android user and fanboy of the OS for about two years now. I stood by the OS through thick and thin […]

Passover is one of the most important festivals on the Jewish and Israeli calendars. It celebrates the redemption of the people of Israel from slavery, the giving of the Ten Commandments, and a bunch of other stuff that gets glossed over in school and in movies about the holiday. Last Friday, people around the world […]

Post written by Jonah Balfour Not too long I opened Twitter, well Hootsuite to be precise, to find the following sponsored tweet at the top of my feed. “We screwed up and we’re sorry.” It’s not every day you see a tweet like that, let alone one that a company paid for. Yet, this tweet […]

For the last few days I’ve been checking out Google+ and I must say I am quite impressed with the interface, real time updates, and of course the circles. When you go into the platform, you almost need to double-check that you’re on Google+ and not Facebook as the interface looks very similar. But has […]