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As we approach Memorial Day, I think it’s safe to say summer has arrived! And yes, I realize that technically summer solstice starts on June 21st, but if you’re in college, or know a recent graduate, you measure the beginning of summer by a different yard stick: the end of school. While your Freshman through […]

Social media is our go to method for communication and staying up to date on friends, family, and world events. It’s a powerful tool for information and even more powerful tool for distraction. Social media’s bad reputation for taking up too much of our time everyday has some backing, but it’s power over us can […]

Facebook gets a lot of flack for copying Twitter features like Trending Topics, but today it is evolving on Android and web, and coming soon to iOS. Each trend is divided into five sections: The first two sections, “Articles” and “In the Story” will show you how news organizations are covering the story and posts […]

For me rock stars are people who push boundaries to stand up for what they believe in. Through their charisma they motivate introspection. Last week, I met one of these people – the Australian ambassador to Israel, Dave Sharma. I had the amazing opportunity to interview him about all the great work he is doing […]

After four years of fashion school, countless runway shows, and numerous after parties, I finally learned the secret of how to make sure you don’t miss a single accessory, Social Media. With everyone online, staying connected has become extremely easy. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr, are five of the most popular social platforms in […]

Photo Credit: CC BY-SA 2.0, honestreporting, Flickr

The Internet is long-past the point of too much content. However, since every person with a keyboard and automatic spell-checking can now aspire to report the news, I think that the validity of well-established news sources is of more importance than ever. But then I ask: Do these news publishers, some of which precede the […]

When I share a picture or post on Facebook, I am sharing it with the hopes of other people finding some level of enjoyment, envy or, conflict with what I posted, or in essence, a reaction. With social media, we archive our entire lives into albums and share what’s happening right now in 140 characters […]

The Israeli- Palestinian conflict has infiltrated the social media scene and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Along with non-stop air strikes, sirens, and collapsing peace talks, supporters of both sides have flooded our electronic screens with their pictures, statuses, and opinions. There are posts, tweets, and photos from supporters of both […]

I post a lot on social media (surprise, I work in social media!) and sorry, but I’m not sorry. For many, especially those fondly referred to as millennials, posting on social media has become a normal and even expected part of one’s day. My constant sharing on social media often results in people informing me […]

Over the last several months marketers have been struggling with the many restrictions and changes in content exposure on Facebook.  It is already known that in order to get proper exposure of content on Facebook you’ll need to pay, otherwise only between 1-2% of your fans will get to see your page posts on their […]