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If there’s one thing the startup world is famous for – it’s the speed. Things happen fast, good or bad. This November an opportunity is coming your way that could speed up your startup all over Europe, give you more Media money than you could ever dream of – and do it all in seven […]

Let’s face it, a monkey can vine, all you need is a thumb and 6 seconds of your time to make a Vine, it’s easy-peasy. To excel at Vine you’re going to need to get your creative juices flowing and that will take a lot longer (or you’ll need a really smart monkey). As a […]

Skype’s FREETALK Buddy Cam is irresistibly cute. He’s also light and totally flexible. You can clip him anywhere and start sending stunning images as well as video conferencing with your friends and family. If you travel a lot like I do, you’ll find Buddy to be a great and very accommodating travel companion. Here are some […]

This week we asked you “What would Yoda tweet”?  Just like in previous weeks, we found our contest hero already has an active twitter account: @yoda, Quite an entertaining one actually. In his last tweet he dissed the twitter community saying: “RT you all do. Original force there is little of”. So let’s see what you guys […]

“Imagine.” Imagine if John Lennon were still alive and on Twitter. That was the theme of this week’s contest, what would they tweet? Unlike previous contestants, I haven’t found a fake Twitter account for the late musical genius, but the site historical tweets does have one tweet for the musical legend “I said we were […]

“Lloyd!” Apparently people are afraid of Ari Gold. Or didn’t want a hug from the fictional Entourage character.  That must explain why the Twitterati were a bit afraid of tweeting for him in this week’s #wwtt contest. Or perhaps they just didn’t want to be too vulgar on Twitter. On Facebook, there was a bit […]

Twitter obviously didn’t exist when Marilyn Monroe was around but it appears that Marilyn is still tweeting. Perhaps like Elvis, she is still alive. Whether it’s from Marilyn Monroe’s most famous impersonator @suziekennedy who tweeted ““there’s a girl in london pretending to be me” or @MarilynMonroe herself, it appears that The Blonde One still lives. […]

With more and more celebrities, like @aplusk, @Janefonda, @therealshaq, @Oprah, and @KevinSpacey on Twitter you can gain intimate details about their private lives and  interact with them. It’s probably the closest you’ll ever get to most of the world’s top stars… at least without resorting to stalking! Twitter is a relatively new tool that is […]