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Photo Credit: CC BY-SA 2.0, honestreporting, Flickr

The Internet is long-past the point of too much content. However, since every person with a keyboard and automatic spell-checking can now aspire to report the news, I think that the validity of well-established news sources is of more importance than ever. But then I ask: Do these news publishers, some of which precede the […]

If you are like me (or every other girl I’ve ever met), you have probably been planning your wedding since…well, probably since you were old enough to figure out what a wedding was. For me I think it was around the age of three and a half, when I figured out how to run around […]

As a social media manager, the first and most commonly asked question I get is, “So you just sit around posting on Facebook all day AND get paid for it?” (Please read in the half condescending, half jealous voice.) Here’s the truth: Doing social media in a way that will actually benefit your client is […]

I became a Manchester United fan ever since the notorious 2-1 victory over Bayern Munich back in 1999. I have never missed a single game on TV since (and yes, a MAN UTD sticker on my car). Manchester United’s social media activity is obviously something I naturally follow. Sports and social media were made for each other. […]

The death of traditional TV is closer than we first thought. Throughout the past week or so I’ve been addictively watching House of Cards, the recently released Netflix produced show. I’ve been watching it on Netflix – which I have to ‘hack into’ thanks to its unavailability in Israel. Suddenly, I started seeing commercials promoting […]

Last week Eytan Galai, brother of Yaron Galai (Founder of Quigo which was sold to AOL) came to our offices to show us all the latest                   that’s been happening with Outbrain. For anyone who doesn’t know, Outbrain has recently  launched its revenue program OutLoud. For $10 a month, […]