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So you’ve decided to use social media to promote your startup. Great. Now you have to think about how to promote yourself. The way to go is simple: Self-brand. This will help advance product recognition and general brand awareness, create connections, build a reputation and eventually reach your target audience. However, to prevent you from […]

on Sunday I gave a lecture at The Marker’s Customer Experience Conference. I spoke about: “The relationship between the brand and the consumer on social networks: From flirt to love.” How should brands engage with consumers on social networks? You’ll see that the relationship between brands and consumers on social networks is very similar to […]

(Guest post by Dorine Sinigaglia) Recently, I noticed a friend of mine following a food truck company on Twitter. Call me old-fashioned, but I didn’t even know food trucks were still around – let alone had Twitter accounts! Food vendors always reminded me of a place where starved businessmen would run to grab a quick bite in […]

Guest Post by Ahuvah This blog post was inspired by an article I just read in Business Week titled “The Great Trust Offensive”. As I personally delve deeper into the world of corporate branding, I find it very interesting to come across various insights and tactics to building a brand and maintaining the correct corporate […]

In the years that I’ve been involved in social media, I have heard so many misconceptions and myths about social media that I am certain this article is long overdue. Here is a list of the top five misconceptions regarding social media: 1) Misconception #1: Social Media is only right for certain brands – Often […]

Guest Post written by Ahuvah Berger Everywhere you turn you hear the words social media, user generated content, Twitter, Facebook, Digg, etc but the real question remains – what is the purpose of social media? How can companies leverage these tools to engage and monitor their brands online? We have watched an evolution occur on […]