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I am a full believer that exercising outdoors is good for the soul. While running, I have time to think, time to de-stress, and most importantly, time to myself. Combine all of these positive aspects with being outside, and you have a time to enjoy nature while improving your health. However, while running outside, I […]

Truth time: I had to go to speed-reading classes while in High School. After one particularly low score in the ACT reading section, my parents decided that with the help of a tutor, I could learn the “art” of reading faster. Forever the slow reader, I always took my time reading through any text. I […]

Picture this scene: A man, thirsty and dying, comes to the feet of a rich individual and begs him for help. Instead of offering anything, the rich individual turns his back on the thirsty man, claiming that he sees nothing in it for himself. Now replace the word “man” with the word “startup” and you […]

Let’s be honest, following the announcement of Kim Kardashian’s new emojis, everyone fell into two categories – either the people that could not care less, or the people that needed to get their hands on that crying emoji. Since their invention in 1995, emojis have become a staple of texting, and with Kim K on […]

You could feel the excitement here at the Blonde 2.0 offices over the release of the latest Star Wars film, The Force Awakens. Our Team Spirit Leader, the appropriately named “Jedi”, barked in anticipation. Miniature Darth Vader’s bowl of candies, for visitors to our offices, was waiting to be refilled. The video monitor in the PR […]

Mother’s Day is here again and my mother never lets me forget that although I am all grown up, I am still her son. “Can you please put the phone down,” my mother says, using the same tone of voice as when I was 10 years old. “We’re about to have dinner.” “Uh-huh,” I say […]

We’re pretty big on Star Wars here at Blonde 2.0, so as Master Yoda would say: “Do. Or do not. There is no try”. But, If you want to see results from your PR efforts, you still need to make sure you’re doing it right. I got my start in PR in the non-profit sector, […]

It’s no wonder Motti Peer looks like Superman; they both have two jobs. Motti is Blonde 2.0’s co-CEO by day and a client shrink by night. This super-CEO’s job entails running and managing the day-to-day success of Blonde 2.0.  Throughout the workday Motti checks the Facebook and Twitter profiles of all his clients to make […]

In the old days, the act of wooing or even seducing someone was, dare I say, simple. If you wanted the attention from someone specific, all you had to do was go up to that person and say, “hello” and see where the wind would take you from there. But even a “hello” in itself […]

Let’s face it, a monkey can vine, all you need is a thumb and 6 seconds of your time to make a Vine, it’s easy-peasy. To excel at Vine you’re going to need to get your creative juices flowing and that will take a lot longer (or you’ll need a really smart monkey). As a […]