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The business world has been buzzing about personalized advertising for at least a dozen years, in particular since Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report (2002) anticipated highly-individualized commercials launched by sophisticated retinal scanners and software capable of recognizing individuals as they walked by monitors.  True, ‘Minority Report’ references are old hat now, but it’s worth acknowledging that […]

If there’s one thing the startup world is famous for – it’s the speed. Things happen fast, good or bad. This November an opportunity is coming your way that could speed up your startup all over Europe, give you more Media money than you could ever dream of – and do it all in seven […]

I post a lot on social media (surprise, I work in social media!) and sorry, but I’m not sorry. For many, especially those fondly referred to as millennials, posting on social media has become a normal and even expected part of one’s day. My constant sharing on social media often results in people informing me […]

Think of yourself driving on a busy highway, passing by tens of billboard signs on the way to your destination. They keep changing every week or so. Brands spend stacks of cash for a split second of your attention. The thing is, you find most of them irrelevant and pointless. Facebook is by far the best […]

How many times have you turned on your TV, opened up a magazine, or turned on your computer and seen a celebrity trying to sell you a camera, cellphone, shampoo, body wash, make-up, etc.? Well established and even newly minted companies put a famous face on their product, and hope that their product will become […]

Facebook Pages are increasingly becoming an invaluable part of companies’ day-to-day marketing activities, but during FMC in February of last year, Facebook announced to businesses that an average of only 16%of the members on their Page actually get exposed on their newsfeed to the content that they upload. This caused quite a shock amongst companies that until then […]

The Pivot conference is revving up again, scheduled to hit the Big Apple on the 17th – 19th of October, 2010. If you have anything to do with the marketing sweet spot of 18 – 34 year old generation ‘T’ (Techies), then you should definitely consider stopping by. Why?  5 reasons for you: Reason 1– […]