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From IOTA growing to be the 4th largest crypto currency in the world & announcing cooperation with Microsoft, Deutsche Telekom, and others, to Arbe Robotics securing a lucrative investment, November has been yet another amazing month for Blonde 2.0 clients. IOTA opening its data marketplace with some of the biggest global corporate names is featured […]

From Winding Tree announcing the first blockchain partnership with a major airline to Zebra Medical announcing its $1 AI image scans, this has been yet another amazing month at Blonde 2.0. Winding Tree’s blockchain based travel platform traveled all across the internet. Want to climb the tree? Travel to HuffPost, CoinDesk, Business Insider Germany,, […]

What is a secondary trading platform? And why should you care? As Lloyd Banks so eloquently phrased it in his 2008 hit, “Money Rules The World”, the hot topic of how to make more money and which platforms to invest in is a large global debate, and everyone seems to have a different opinion. Investors […]

From creating a blockchain PR storm around the launch of the world’s first blockchain phone to our founder being named one of the best PR people in the tech industry (and as if that wasn’t enough) – and winning another amazing award, it has been an especially good month here at Blonde 2.0! The Finney […]

From continuing to disrupt the financial world with our Crypto clients, to what just may be the fastest ICO ever, it’s been another amazing month to be a Blonde 2.0 client. Bancor was mentioned in TechCrunch (Twice), CNBC, International Business Times, Forbes, VentureBeat,  Coin Telegraph, NewsBTC, Geektime, FinExtra, ForexNewsNow, and FinNews.’s market prediction platform […]

Since the beginning of time, communication has always been the key to all types of relationships. It’s one of the most important skills that humans need in order to exist, and it’ll keep us going. Being in 2017, technology has taken communication to a whole new level, and everyone is now attached to some sort […]

When you have a loved one in the hospital it can be a daunting and terrible time for everyone involved. There are so many emotions all around, the most prominent being fear: fear of the unknown, fear for their fate, fear that a small mistake or a missed detail could possibly turn out to be […]

  We are very excited to announce the signing of a new client, Jelurida, the company behind NXT, Ardor, and soon to be IGNIS. Both tokens combined already openly traded for over a quarter of a billion dollar valuation. We will use our expertise in blockchain PR and marketing to strengthen their brand awareness and […]

Summer is coming to an end (sob!), and soon the students among us will head back to campus. What can you do to make this school year easier, happier and more productive? Here are some fun tech tools to make you not just OK with going back to school, but actively excited.     Scholabrate […]

From winning PR Daily’s Best PR Campaign of the Year Award, to Viber buying an e-commerce startup, this has been another amazing month here at Blonde 2.0! For the second consecutive year, we’ve received the prestigious PR Daily’s Digital PR Award for best PR Campaign this year it’s for our work with Livia. We just […]