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how to get a bigger audience for your token through token pr

Who else has been experiencing a rapid flow of blockchain news on their social media feeds? If you have been browsing Facebook, Twitter, even Instagram, I know you are a little familiar with the words, blockchain, bitcoin, and cryptocurrency blockchain. How did blockchain begin popping up so rapidly?  How did these terms appear out of […]

how a godd press release promotes your bitcoin

Bitcoin, crypto, and blockchain are the new buzzwords swarming through today’s media. But, with bitcoin here, crypto there, and blockchain everywhere, it can be very difficult to get your crypto PR to stand out above the rest. In general, blockchain PR faces it’s own unique challenges:   1. Crypto lacks popular understanding. 2. There is […]

why crypto pr is important for your bitcoin

This is the third part of our current series on Blockchain PR. Learn about the latest trends in promoting your Blockchain startup with crypto PR. Welcome to the world of Crypto PR! If you’re reading this, you’re probably a founder who is trying to promote your ICO/Blockchain, or maybe someone who is curious about this […]

When social media websites and platforms first entered our lives it was all about community – “You can talk and get to know people from all over the world” is what we were promised, and what we got. Since then, the concept of a social media platform has transformed so many times, and we’re so […]

We’ve all seen far too many tips and tricks on the latest health fads. To call this amount of information overwhelming would be an understatement. If only there was a one-stop shop for a healthier lifestyle. That’s where healthhunt comes in. This India-based, women-ran startup covers all aspects of your health and wellness on one […]

Elections in the U.S, war in Syria, political turmoil in Europe… Looks like every burning issue the world is dealing with can be connected to or have repercussions on Israel. For some people, the mere mention of Israel creates a whole bunch of different emotions – From sad to happy, from anger to laughter… But […]

It seems like crowdfunding is becoming more popular recently… Great stories of crowdfunding success continue spreading around the web, and companies see it as the perfect way to kick-start their product. But navigating through the crowdfunding seas is not that simple, just like jumping into a new relationship, there are basic moves and sacrifices you […]

You could feel the excitement here at the Blonde 2.0 offices over the release of the latest Star Wars film, The Force Awakens. Our Team Spirit Leader, the appropriately named “Jedi”, barked in anticipation. Miniature Darth Vader’s bowl of candies, for visitors to our offices, was waiting to be refilled. The video monitor in the PR […]

The best moment of my day is when I get home from work, but not because work is over and I can finally take my shoes off. I’m excited to walk through that door because I am always greeted by my crazy, happy, slobbering, 75lb, labrador retriever, Ziggy. Being around a dog every day that’s […]

Mother’s Day is here again and my mother never lets me forget that although I am all grown up, I am still her son. “Can you please put the phone down,” my mother says, using the same tone of voice as when I was 10 years old. “We’re about to have dinner.” “Uh-huh,” I say […]