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So the year that killed all the celebrities is behind us, and what a wild ride 2016 was. After washing the past year down with some scotch over ice (minus the ice), we are already two weeks in to 2017 and I’m curious to know as to how many people have started their “weight loss” […]

Let’s face it. We’ve all been there. That moment when you left home, the nearby coffee shop or gym in a rush just to realize 20 minutes later that you totally left your car keys behind. Yikes. Most people would see this annoying incident as a one-time-thing, however, there are some people who face these […]

November’s almost here and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. While we’re of course thankful for the usual things – family, friends, health, etc. – it’s also worthwhile to take a moment and think about the other things we’re thankful for, that we might normally take for granted.   In this day and age, technology […]

It’s election season. That magical time of year where everyone sheds their masks and reveals their true colors, albeit there only being two colors to choose from. Battle lines are drawn as red donkeys and blue elephants flock by the millions to voting stations, casting their vote for who they believe is best to lead […]

Innovation and technology have changed everything we know over the years. Whether it’s transportation and logistics, mobile devices or even home improvement and cooking, nothing looks or performs the same way it did a few years ago. These days, when discussing innovation and technology, you can’t help but wonder – what’s next? What industry is […]

Fall has arrived, and with it many new adventures. Vacations are over, the working world is hunkering in for the long haul, students are off to school or studying abroad, and that means a whole new wave of updates to share with friends and family. Which really means, knowing when and where to check to […]

Every four years the entire world becomes sports fans, and are glued to the TV, screaming as their fellow country-people (because now we have to be PC) compete for the coveted gold medal. Yes the Summer Olympics are here, and for some reason they are in Rio. I am definitely a fan of Carnival, but […]

Living in the modern world, we’re extremely blessed to be surrounded by technology on an almost constant basis. We can find directions on our phones, call loved ones from long distances, and document precious moments that occur throughout our daily lives, to name a few. Obviously, tech is geared at making our lives easier, but […]

Drones, we keep hearing about them lately. A lot. But how many of us actually know what they are, and what’s their full potential? Probably, not many. Commonly known as drones, these are also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), or, in other words, an aircraft without a human pilot aboard. Drones are operated with […]

  I wouldn’t consider myself a birthday person. Of course, it’s nice to celebrate and be “special” for a day, but I’m not the type of person who makes a big deal about birthdays. By this I mean I don’t require my friends to pay an obscene amount of money for concert tickets or dish […]