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Ten years ago, I set out on an amazing personal journey and created Blonde 2.0. In the time since I founded the company in my own house, until today, Blonde 2.0 has blossomed into an award winning agency with more than 30 talented PR pros spread over two continents. Tel Aviv Team Boston Team   […]

  It is with great joy, honor and appreciation that I announce that Blonde 2.0 has won not only one but two top honors in PR Daily’s 2015 Digital PR and Social Media Awards. We won Best PR Campaign of the Year and Best Viral Campaign of the Year. These honors come as a result […]

Israel is a great place for women entrepreneurs. We are one of the few countries that has women pilot fighter jets, a past female Prime-Minister and a female Supreme Court President. Therefore it is not out of the ordinary to see women aspiring for success and thriving – many times surpassing their male counterparts in […]

Sam Altman, President of Y Combinator wrote an amazing piece detailing the life tips that he learned and wanted to share, as he reached the age of 30. I loved the idea of sharing your wealth of knowledgeable advice and experience as you get older, with the younger generation. It made me want to make my […]

2014 has been an amazing year for Blonde 2.0 from winning awards such as “PR Campaign of the Year” for our work with Viber to “Viral Campaign of the Year” for our work with StoreDot. Yet the most exciting announcement of all, has yet to be announced and I am happy to share it with […]

This past year has been a year of exciting revolutions in the mobile universe. New mobile messaging and sharing platforms in every conceivable medium, from images, videos, texts and even two letter words, are constantly inventing and reinventing new ways for us to communicate. With different apps utilizing different mediums, communication is getting better. In […]

 People have radically different ideas about what “PR” actually entails. Some see it as a way to acquire users; others see it as something you do for brand awareness. Yet for many startups, their most important goal is to generate interest from potential investors. Fortunately, getting covered by the media is an excellent way to […]

Once upon a time there was a magical castle where a group of distinguished individuals gathered to decide and discuss the future of the mobile world. That place is not middle earth – it’s Germany. Every summer the MLOVE ConFestival takes place at the Beesenstedt Castle near Berlin. MLOVE brings together the most cutting edge […]

In the tech world, where one word from the right person could mean the difference between success and failure, pitching your product is everything. Properly pitching your product is almost as important as creating it. If the movers and shakers of the tech world won’t understand what your product is all about, you’re going to […]

We all know that in life, context is everything. It’s also important to note when referring to tech, the context in which you use technology is what defines it and what gives it value. Great innovations in tech are not fueled by cold hard features, but by fulfilling our immediate needs. We are long past […]