About Blonde 2.0

Blonde 2.0 was founded in 2006, back when social media was still in its diapers.

Blonde 2.0′s mission then and now is to help brands understand how to use social media tools (social networks, the blogosphere, social software, etc) effectively in order to carry their messages to their target audience and engage with consumers while creating positive brand awareness.

We have years of experience in helping brands lead social media marketing campaigns to success. Our firm includes a full staff of experienced social marketing professionals who pride themselves on being social internet freaks. We build a customized social marketing strategy for each company that we work with and use smart filtering tools to target your audience.

We also have an extensive network of connections with popular services and top bloggers to help brands get the exposure they deserve and the consumer engagement they need.


About the founder

Ayelet Noff has over eleven years of experience marketing companies from various industries. She has been involved in the social media world from its very first days.

In the past, she was ICQ’s Marketing Manager for four years and also held various executive marketing positions in different startups.

She is also a top blogger and currently writes for three different blogs: The Blonde 2.0 blog, The Next Web, and Socialmedia.biz.

She holds an MBA degree from Tel Aviv University, and a BA in Politics from Brandeis University.