Crypto spring is upon us, and there is nothing like some Crypto IEO PR to get your company back in the game. While the space all once seemed like a big wild west excursion, it is now much clearer to companies and their IEO PR agency what needs to be done in order to make some noise.

Let’s start by explaining how we got to this point: from ICOs and STOs to IEO PR.

ICOs, or Initial Coin Offerings, were once the preferred method for investors and crypto enthusiasts to raise money. The model provided a way for crypto companies to quickly make money and grow their businesses. With the crypto crash of 2018, loss of purchaser confidence and regulatory pushpack killed the ICO and companies had to scramble to find a new funding model. Thus was the birth of the IEO crypto trend.

An IEO, or Initial Exchange Offering, is a crypto funding model which has been closed off to the public; so, instead of publicly marketing new cryptocurrencies, companies use crypto exchanges to communicate the launch of their projects while also offering tokens to their customers. Since the projects will need to comply with the exchange’s own requirements, the public can be reassured that there is some kind of protection. Meanwhile, exchanges are able to secure competitive advantage by working alongside the best projects. The new IEO marketing method helped raise more than $80 million in March alone.

IEOs have given crypto PR agencies a new challenge: to disconnect the reputation ICOs have with the media and introduce the world to IEO PR. As with any new concept, it begins with education and approachability. We must continue to read and understand the differences between both, while analyzing both financing methods separately from each other.

Unlike ICOs, companies participating in IEOs are already trading. This is a huge advantage for the token buyers and for the market, but at the same time it puts more stress on the project. So, while the marketing campaign period is shorter, IEO PR is forcibly more aggressive from the get go.

On the other hand, much like the more successful ICOs of 2017 and 2018, projects need to be prepared to go to market. For the PR to be successful it is vital that the project arrives knowing its advantages and its USPs, has secured a top team of founders and advisors, and has hired developers that are ready to produce quickly. These three conditions will assist the growing of the project’s community so that by the time the IEO application is submitted to the exchange, there has been some excitement around the proposal. More importantly, it will dramatically help the IEO PR agency to secure great coverage.

There will be more to come about how PR agencies are taking on the challenges of this new crypto trend.