Psychology and public relations may seem like two entirely different coins, but in reality they share the same side. Psychology, the science, the art and at times the mystery, is embedded into PR, what it is, what it sets out to accomplish and how it is so successful.  

Technology is continuing to take the world by storm, but who is at the core of this never-ending revolution? Humans! Now you might ask, why did I need to read that? Although this fact is painfully obvious, it helps to remind us that at the end of the day, it’s all about the connections we make with others and how we have an impact on one another. Technology affects people as well as the relationships they have with each other. That is also why pointing out the obvious helps us understand how psychology plays a pivotal role in the world of PR, and why we should be paying more attention to it.

PR is all about making the right connections, sending the right message, collaborating with the right people, and communicating your vision to the right person. With so many “rights,” what can go wrong? Well, how about having the perfect vision and not being able to communicate it in the exact way you had envisioned? That’s where PR saves the day. However, PR has a trusty sidekick – psychology – that explains how to express and present your vision, by understanding what people want to see and exactly how they want to see it.

Psychology discusses how one can influence another’s behavior, as it teaches one to craft different angles, reach a target audience, and include the right details to get the highest success rate. In order to generate results that lead to action, psychology explains that one must first understand another’s attitudes and beliefs. Once PR professionals understand what it is that their clients are trying to do, and why, they can better understand who it is they are trying to reach, and create the perfect design plan to reach this target. PR professionals know that they must account for biases as well as both good and controversial media. This, again, connects with psychology and understanding the way in which people think and behave.

So, what’s the take-away here? It is truly beneficial to understand people, at the very least, as much as possible. PR, along with its extremely useful tools and tactics, partnered with psychology, will create a powerhouse to ensure success with all of the “rights” included.