What makes PR so exciting is getting to connect people to the ideas that make our world not just better, but much cooler. But, with all the moving parts, it’s important for any agency to incorporate a wide array of knowledge. Clients expect branding strategies that demonstrate expertise, and we at Blonde 2.0 have stood up to the challenge, becoming an award-winning agency in the process. We are developing brands in various fields, from messaging apps to travel gear, cybersecurity to medical devices, financial exchanges to marijuana. Fortunately, our staff’s diverse academic backgrounds enable us to make an impact from all angles.

Unsurprisingly, Blonde staff members tend to have studied a fair amount of PR, communications, and journalism. But all of our professional teams include degrees across the hard sciences, humanities and social sciences. Some of our most senior staff members hold degrees in biology, kinesiology and clinical psychology, subjects that come in handy when showcasing our clients as thought leaders in medical technology.

Each department includes at least one degree related to geopolitics, including geographical specializations from East Asia to North America. This allows team members to better tailor outreaches across all timezones. Especially with regards to IEO PR, where clients’ products and tech can be used anywhere and anytime, maximizing outreach means knowing when and how to frame stories in a particular regional context.

All teams benefit from at least one degree that exhibits a passion for storytelling. BAs and MAs in Religion, Mythology, Literature and Theater help our teams reveal the power of stories, and help us craft our clients’ stories to actualize their potential. This is how CBD-based currencies become fall recipes, how dApp platforms become reflections on our younger selves, and how black market auctions on the Dark Web become needed warnings of fake news campaigns.

Blonde 2.0 has drawn from top universities on five continents, and between late night lab work and leisure in the library, team members continue to draw inspiration from their days on campus.