Think of all of the ways technology is positioned to dominate our society. Robots and artificial intelligence, virtual reality, blockchain transactions, social media, etc. The power struggle between technology and the people is real, and it’s not going anywhere. We encounter daily threats that soon our jobs will be taken over by robots. We secretly exchange conspiracy theories about chips being implanted into our brains, tracking our every movie and tagging our every location. It’s also a common fear that we’ll lose control over our national currencies, watching cash slip from the tips of our fingers and convert itself into regulated digital assets that we’ll lose sight of over time.

The only way to gain back some of the control we’ve relinquished to digital advancement isn’t to go against technology, but rather use it to our advantage. So, we can try to beat’ em, or we can try to join ‘em.

PledgeCamp, the next generation of crowdfunding that protects funds with backer insurance, is the perfect example of “beating them.” The platform combines human interaction and technology in order to establish a sense of user empowerment, making it a movement by the people, for the people. These blockchain-protected investments mobilize and empower the crowd and foster a safe environment for entrepreneurs. By providing this insurance, PledgeCamp creates a cushion for investing backers; they are able to contribute while reducing the risk of losing out on their rewards.

Because everyone is driven by technology, having a large Instagram following and a feed of aesthetically pleasing photos is a priority to most. Nobody goes anywhere without letting their followers know. We are living in this massive technological age, and everyone wants to be cool online. We have completely lost control over our relationship with social media. Are we controlling technology, or is it controlling us?

GuruShots is a great example of “joining them: this tangible tech game is all about user empowerment and putting the control back in our hands, allowing the features that we hold in our palms to enlighten, inspire, and serve a purpose that contributes to the greater, artistic good.

With this app, each user can channel their creativity by using pictures taken on their smartphone to enter daily challenges, give and receive feedback, win awards, and have the chance for their pictures to be seen in internationally. The GuruShots app is easy to use, mentally stimulating, and an entertaining way for users to discover their talent.

Thankfully, Terminator is just a movie, and Black Mirror is just a hypothesis. The future of tech and humanity is shaping up to be much brighter than all that.