When you think of cannabis, what often comes to mind is a relaxing state of both mind and body, late night munchies and a Bob Marley hit from the 70’s. Most people know cannabis by its abundance of street names including weed, dope, pot and kush. In the past, there has been a cloud of skepticism hanging over cannabis use, mostly due to the risky behavior of teengers experiementing with cannabis from an unknown source, which has the potential to be laced with dangerous substances. In addition, this flourishing industry will sometimes dump excessive amounts of THC and CBD into cannabis products, which present dangerous risks both physically and psychologically. These risks can include altered brain function, making the once vibrant millennials and GenZ lethargic, and uninterested in the excitements of daily life.

2019 is here, and the cannabis market is expected to expand globally, with new companies emerging everyday all over the world. Medical grade cannabis has become a sought after natural remedy to treat a wide range of medical issues. With more countries legalizing it around the world, medical cannabis is gaining popularity as a viable treatment option to treat a wide range of health issues. Due to our technological upbringing paired with the rapid expansion of the cannabis industry, a wide range of new and improved cannabis-related products have been introduced to the world; cannabis and technology are becoming interlinked and this relationship is already having life altering effects

Companies new to the scene like Israeli-based cannabis company, Univo, are using different technologies in their research and development in order to create cannabis products that involve zero smoke inhalation. They use a highly developed R&D lab for testing products in order to measure precise amounts of THC and CBD their creation of unique products like creams, gels and suppositories. In addition, cannabis tech companies such as HiGrade, are using tech to improve the overall quality of cannabis and in doing so are shifting the user base more mainstream. By creating a mobile application to test the potency and quality of different kinds of cannabis, HiGrade is incorporating tech to disrupt this industry and make cannabis better for more people.

The future of cannabis will incorporate different kinds of tech, simultaneously promoting cannabis as a more go-to treatment option. Technology will provide the opportunity to efficiently use cannabis for its abundance of benefits and eventually  change the idea of weed and the skepticism around the topic, improving the lives of millions.