From Watergen, Skyroam, and Humavox taking CES 2019 by storm, to Sixgill breaking the internet with reports about the connection between cybercrime and Fortnite, January was another great month for Blonde 2.0 clients.

Also, Jeff Rubenstein, Vice President of Product Strategy at Kaltura, shared his predictions for the future of education on EmergingEdTech, a prediction video in 2019 on MarTechAdvisor, and his perspectives with Getting Smart in his piece entitled “Fake News and Digital Literacy: Why Today’s Students Need Video Skills.”

Last, but certainly not least… our fearless Founder and Co-CEO, Ayelet Noff, flew to Davos to honor female empowerment and entrepreneurship at this year’s global event.

Ayelet was also invited to speak at this year’s Next Web Hard Fork Conference. Her panel discussion on how to publicize your crypto company beyond ICO news, covered the importance of emphasizing the innovation behind your client’s project instead. Check it out here!