Life can become super repetitive. You wake up, go to work, come home, and repeat, week after week, which in reality seems like a lifetime. With the holiday season quickly approaching, and a glimpse of a break in sight, what a perfect way to escape from boring regularity and embark on a trip somewhere new and exciting. South East Asia has been on the rise in recent years as a popular destination to visit. Many of course have explored the infamous blue waters of Thailand, and the historic wonders of Cambodia. However, there are other less popular destinations, rapidly gaining attention in the travel world, which you should make sure to hit before they become the go-to tourist destinations.

Annually rated as some of the best beaches in the world, is just the start to the amazing country known as the Philippines. The opportunities for exploration in the Philippines are endless. Crystal clear turquoise waters, isolated beaches in the Province of Palawan, and swimming with whale sharks in the southern Province of Cebu, are just a few highlights of this beautiful country. Travellers often spend months on end here and consistently say that the warmth and hospitality of Filipinos is what kept them hooked, and why they chose to go back time and time again.

However, sometimes when travelers return from the Philippines they often say how fraud and corruption were common issues when booking accommodations and securing activities. This is where a company like Winding Tree can come in and help to avoid these issues. Booking transactions on the blockchain can ensure verification of user review identities to provide the hotels and prospective guests with accurate information, as well as making sure all transactions are completed securely and risk-free. This could be groundbreaking for anyone skeptical about booking a trip to the Philippines and not allowing themselves to experience the beauty, simply because of the risk of fraud.

Directly off the coast of Thailand, is a small country often forgotten about by tourists. Laos is considered to be the hidden gem of this region, having a completely different landscape then most of the areas surrounding it. The lush greenery and abundance of animals make it really special. Arrive with any budget, and stay either at a resort or a wildlife sanctuary and still wake up to the sounds of elephants trumpeting. There are many beautiful parts to Laos, some of which are only accessible by slow boat. 

Finally, an incomparable activity is the Gibbons experience. Here, you can experience living in the world’s highest tree houses and zip lining through the forest canopies, while exploring the Nam Kan National Park. This unique and remote experience is sometimes dangerous when emergencies arise. With Skyroam, the mobile WiFi brand that makes it easy for travelers to stay connected around the world, you can have connection everywhere and anywhere. While living in the treetops or travelling in remote areas, connection can always be accessible when necessary.

In this upcoming holiday season, think travel and tech. Whether the Philippines, Laos or anywhere else on the map, book an adventure and explore somewhere new and exciting. Try and make your next experience stress-free, by taking advantage of what this new digital age has to offer.