With the holidays around the corner, you can feel the festive spirit in the air, and what is more festive than live music combined with dramatic story lines?

In the world of PR Coin, we know musicals well. Why? Because musicals are well-oiled machines that are written, rehearsed, and performed just as IEO PR goes through the same process.

Writing the musical:

Musicals are written to describe a theme and are often derivative from previous projects or real life events; some of the most popular musicals of our time are often based off of books, movies, or history. For example, take Little Shop of Horrors, which was written in 1982. It was based off of the 1960 movie of the same title. And, Ron Chernow’s biography of Alexander Hamilton was the inspiration for the musical Hamilton.

Press Releases are also written, edited, and perfected to execution. Just as Hamilton was based on a previously published biography, press releases are often a combination of current events and  relevant crypto or blockchain news that a company is announcing publicly.

The editing stage of a press release is crucial to the overall process. Without the finely tuned press release there would be no point to public relations, just like a musical must be completed with lyrics that are carefully crafted then performed on stage.

Casting the musical:

Casting is another crucial part when bringing the perfect musical to life. Matilda on Broadway was the first show to cast 4 actresses as the title role, due to her age jumps throughout the opening act. Getting the perfect actor is essential, and can make or break a show.

When releasing a press release. It’s imperative to target and pitch the most relevant journalists possible; they are the star of your PR show! Once a press release is complete, we look at the different journalists available and reporting, eventually targeting them with the release in the hopes that they’ll want to cover the story at hand.

While your ICO may interest one journalist, another may only choose to write about blockchain companies that focus on health or medtech. Targeting the perfect journalist, and having back-ups, is just as necessary to the pitching process as making sure that all 4 Matilda’s were perfect fits for the same role. Sending your PR Coin to the wrong journalist will only hinder outreach efforts.

Dress Rehearsal:

As opening night approaches, a well-prepared musical should hold a dress rehearsal to make sure that everything is set for lights, camera, and action! Actors don their costumes, stagehands prepare the lighting, the set has been designed, and the theater is looking magical.

Just as the dress rehearsal needs to act as the real deal, the outreach must be in its perfectly set place. The press release should be finalized, and the pitch personalized to each target journalist. The media kit should also be flawless, and only then, are we ready for a wide outreach.

Opening Night:

After months of preparation the time has finally come (in rain or shine!), and the show must go on. The cast is as ready as it can be and it’s a full house, packed with eager theater enthusiasts.

Just as opening night conveys a feeling of excitement, so does the wide outreach. As a partnership is announced or an ICO takes off, the wide outreach is the culmination of hard work perfecting your PR message.

As the outreach takes off and journalists begin to cover the results of the PR Coin production, big wins become easy to see and even easier to celebrate.

Cast Party:

What’s all the hard work for without a little fun? Once the curtain drops and the cast takes their final bows, it is officially time to celebrate.

After the outreach receives show-stopping, review-worthy, amazing coverage – you can thank all of your fans and the people behind the scenes who got you to where you are! Before moving on to the next media outreach (and the next musical), take a curtsey and remember… “they like you. They really, really like you!”