From SIRIN LABS giving a first look at the world’s first blockchain phone to Soluna transforming the mining world by building wind farms, July was another fantastic month for all of Blonde 2.0’s clients!

  • Additionally, let Neufund’s Blockchain Reporter, Marlene Ronstedt, tell you all about Malta and its relationship with blockchain on CoinDesk.
  • Also, SONM’s COO Oleg Lyubimov explained fog computing and how it fits into the world of the cloud on Embedded Computing.
  • Iskender Dirik, Managing Director at the Microsoft ScaleUp in Berlin, gave us a quick guide to understand the hype around ‘deep learning’ on The Next Web.
  • Coinage’s CEO, Chad Pankewitz, spoke about the age of mobile, apps, and finance on TechBullion.

Last but not least, we want to congratulate some members of our team on their new titles! Please give a hearty congrats to our new Digital Content Executive Stephanie, Account Executive Allison, and Media Relations Executive Yoav!