Who else has been experiencing a rapid flow of blockchain news on their social media feeds? If you have been browsing Facebook, Twitter, even Instagram, I know you are a little familiar with the words, blockchain, bitcoin, and cryptocurrency blockchain. How did blockchain begin popping up so rapidly?  How did these terms appear out of thin air and take our news feeds by storm?

If you have been reading content about blockchain (instead of scrolling down your newsfeed), then you have seen the words permissionless and decentralized. The blockchain industry, better yet, blockchain PR firms, chose great words to capture the essence of what blockchain, cryptocurrencies are. Using the keyword decentralization, is what has given the pazazz when speaking about blockchain technologies. Decentralization means no middleman, no unnecessary people to get in the way between you, your tokens, and most importantly, your transactions. Sounds great, right? Well this is exactly how the conversation about blockchain technologies grew. We heard the term decentralization (thanks to PR firms who are not dedicating themselves to blockchain companies) and became ecstatic.

Your Token’s Story: a.k.a Token PR

So now that blockchain and cryptocurrencies are on all of our minds, how do these (old and new) blockchain companies keep the audience they already have, and gain an even more loyal followers?The answer is simple, make your token believable, give it an edge, and do so with confidence. Change the direction of attention from your audience toward your token. Convert your audience to find it necessary to invest in your token.

You currency is your story. In order to convert audiences to your token, you have to create an emotional storyboard that will depict the potential in their investment in your token. Who can create this storyboard? A bomb, external blockchain PR team. You sell your token’s story to a PR team, they will then take that information, perhaps twist it a little bit, and pitch it to relevant writers across the web. Once writers are convinced, blockchain enthusiasts and ordinary audiences will begin to purchase your token, this is the kind of convergence you want. To note, it’s important to highlight those who have invested in your token. We all know once tokens are bought, the value of that specific currency will grow.  To gain a bigger audience, you should tell your currency’s story. In the digital marketing world, creating a story behind your product is what helps the average person know about you and your product. This is how every cryptocurrency should market themselves.

the best techniques for token pr


Market the heck out of your token with the help of your token’s PR.

Digital advertising is a great way to exploit your token. ‘Basic Attention Token’, has created a new token to help bring attention to your specific blockchain technology. This token is exchangeable between all of those involved in the advertising arena: users, publishers, and advertisers. How does one gain this token? By targeting the right audience. It all comes down to how you target, the information you’re providing, and the less middlemen you have during this process.  

For those that have invested in your token, they will want updates on how their chosen token is doing. Engage with your followers and allow room for more conversation. This can be entirely controlled and monitored by a social marketing team. Update your followers every couple days on all your social platforms with newsy pieces written by your token’s PR team.  Creating new content and consistently posting is a great way to keep your followers engaged and entertained. Ask questions, bring up hot topics about the cryptocurrency arena, make fun of bitcoin, other tokens, add a GIF or two to keep things light and humorous. The goal is to keep conversations about your token at the top of their social feeds. With a great blockchain PR team, digital marketing team, plus a confident group of people by your side, your token will reach across the web and hopefully, stay at the top of your audience’s minds.