Bitcoin, crypto, and blockchain are the new buzzwords swarming through today’s media. But, with bitcoin here, crypto there, and blockchain everywhere, it can be very difficult to get your crypto PR to stand out above the rest. In general, blockchain PR faces it’s own unique challenges:  

1. Crypto lacks popular understanding.

2. There is not much differentiation between companies.

So, when it comes to promoting crypto products – as genius as they are – it is hard to get the publicity you deserve. One element of good blockchain PR, is writing a quality and flashy press release. Here is a list of Blondechain tips to consider when writing a press release, so that the eyes of the journalist reading it doesn’t glaze over like…


Know your audience.

Crypto has a very big gap between the people that get it, and the people that don’t. Make sure you know who you are pitching to, and where they lay on the spectrum of blockchain understanding. For instance, when writing a bitcoin PR to a mainstream media outlet or pop-culture publication, the language should be very basic and relatable. On the other hand, if writing that same bitcoin PR for a crypto expert, the explanations don’t need to be dumbed down. It is important to speak the language of the media outlet being pitched in any press release, but even more so with blockchain PR.

Explain what you are trying to solve

Explaining in real life terms what your crypto product or service is solving. To make a big splash in the  blockchain PR pool, you need to show explicitly how your product is different. Focus less on the coin itself, and explain how your product or service is utilizing the blockchain to tackle problems plaguing an industry. This will help journalists and readers get on board your ship.

Take a look at Winding tree. This company is utilizing the blockchain to directly eliminate the 3rd party travel searchwinding tree pr blockchain engines (like Expedia and Travelocity) that are taking your money with fees fees and fees. This is a very relatable topic that even crypto-illiterate people will understand.



Announce something that matters

Most blockchain PR involved a platform announcement explaining the platform, leading up to an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Of course these are important, but, try to be creative when creating announcements. Consider alternative angles, like who might be investing in the platform. If it is a celebrity or well known figure, get that word out there! Perhaps your platform made a ton of money during the pre-sale, that is also something that is different and impressive and can get your name known. If you are really feeling juicy, try to look for events in the industry you are trying to disrupt and capitalize on the story. The more creative, juicy, and different, the better.

And don’t forget…

This may be obvious for some, but nonetheless imperative to any crypto PR campaign. Don’t forget to include all the details such as ICO date, name of your token, and any notable advisors you may have.

Good title and subtitles

Think about it, if you don’t get the click, then all of the above is irrelevant because it now lives the trash. So, spend time on your title and subtitle! Write a few options out, and choose the title that sticks out the most. Test it on a few people and choose which is the most clickable (not necessarily the most informative).

Now that you are out of your writer’s block, get in the crypto flow and get your blockchain PR publicized.