Summer has arrived and it’s HOT! Sometimes too hot. All you want to do is stay indoors and cool down or lay out at the beach. We all know too well this feeling of being constantly sweaty with no motivation to go outside. But, it’s not always as bad as it seems, and there are different ways (with the help of tech of course) that can encourage you to get your butt off the couch and do something fun outdoors.

1) Amimon’s Falcore Racing Drone

With drone racing becoming increasingly popular these days, it’s about time you change up your normal routine and give it a go. Instead of just sitting at home and playing video games or being glued to your phone, go to the park and try flying one of these bad boys with friends. This new experience will give you a different perspective (pun intended).

Amimon has a really cool racing drone called the Falcore, that makes drone racing simple, even for drone amateurs like myself. Amimon’s zero latency wireless HD technology is embedded within the Falcore, so that when you’re flying the drone, the link between the drone camera and the pilot FPV (first person view) goggles is in real time without any lagging, which makes it easier to navigate. The Falcore has sonar and barometer sensors to keep the drone stable while it’s in the air and automatically maintains flight altitude, enabling you to fly faster without crashing. Amimon recently released a new iNav feature for the Falcore that also assists with crash control and navigation using altitude hold and GPS-assisted flight modes. Now you can keep calm and fly on, and not have to worry that you’re gonna crash.  


2) Waze Carpool

So you wanna leave your house this summer right? I know it’s tempting to stay cool in the AC, but maybe you need that extra push to make walking out the door less of a hassle. Drop your car keys and pick up Waze Carpool instead. This app sets you up with a more convenient option to get where you need to go, without the logistics of parking, gas and walking in the heat with the sun beaming on your face. Instead, you can stay cool in someone else’s ride for a fraction of the price.

This is how it works: Indicate your desired destination on Waze Carpool, get matched with another Wazer who is heading in the same direction as you, enjoy a shared ride together and split the cost. Easy peasy. The app takes care of the payment process and delivers it from you to the driver after the ride. The cool thing here is that the price is given before you start your journey based on the distance, so you’ll know how much it will cost you in advance. In addition to saving big bucks, you’re also reducing your carbon footprint with so many cars on the road with empty seats, it would do mother nature some good if we filled up some empty seats than add more cars. Also, you never know who you are gonna meet in your ride and what pool party you find yourself going to :). Maybe leaving the house is worth the trip, even in 95F degree weather.

While it’s easy to get comfortable inside and stick to indoor activities this summer, I challenge you to play outside the good old fashioned way, and at the same time embrace the technology we have available to maximize your summer experience.