Fourth-of-July is no joke in America. It’s seriously the most fun party day of the year. Beautiful summer weather, fireworks, cold beer, and great company are all part of the equation for a perfect day off work. To celebrate America’s independence day to the fullest, these technologies are, in my opinion, vital:


Shoto: Between your patriotic apparel and reunions with your closest friends and families, a lot of pictures are going to be taken this 4th of July. Shoto will make sure you capture these moments the most efficiently. It’s a photo sharing app that lets you collect all the photos taken from an event into one shared album, even from social media. No matter how many cameras and cell phones were used, everyone can have access to this hub. With social media, when you use a hashtag, all of the photos linked to it will be imported into the album. If you don’t use a hashtag, it will still recognize that you took photos, but will just ask you if you want to include those photos first. Likewise, there are many adjustable privacy settings to ensure no one sees the photos that you don’t want to. Even though most of the pictures from your family picnic or firework rave were taken on your friends’ phones, you can easily access every one of them in this single place.


Snapchat’s Snap Map: If you haven’t already started using Snapchat’s newest feature, 4th of July is the day to get rolling. There are plenty of parties and barbecues happening everywhere on this day and you don’t want to miss out. You also want to make sure traveling somewhere is worth your time. Snap Map lets you see how fun the event actually is before you make a commitment. Just click on the location of the event your friends are at and see live pictures and videos of how many people are there, what everyone is wearing, if the food looks good, you name it. With Snap Map, you can be sure you don’t waste a minute not having the time of your life this Independence Day.


The Rager Cooler: I’m not sure about you, but when I think of 4th of July picnics or sitting in a large crowd watching the fireworks, I want a cold drink and good music. This all-in-one-cooler-Bluetooth speaker-backpack is completely necessary for this scenario, and probably every summer scenario. Every year leading up to this, we’ve dreamed of such a vivid necessity for our 4th of July experience, and now we don’t have to. The Rager is the best cooler-speaker duo on the market. It’s waterproof, has amazing speaker quality, and keeps your beverages cool on a hot summer day. What more could you ask for?


Aside from these essential technologies that will spark your 4th of July experience into the best one yet, it’s also important to not leave behind the sparklers, red, white, and blue swimsuits, and great vibes. Happy 4th of July everyone!