We are in the midst of summer and it is time to escape (or enjoy) the heat in a beautiful place! Wherever you plan to travel this summer, bring these three smart tools with you! They are all useful and they definitely don’t add weight to your luggage! Yay!  

Leave the translation books at home!

Before you jet-set across the globe, you must download Reverso . This app ensures the best translations possible with its simple search engine that holds an enormous bank of words and expressions. What is smart and savvy about Reverso helps you along your language learning process. Once your word or phrase is translated, you are able to save and retrieve it for future use. This app also helps with pronunciation. Personally, my French accent is not the best, actually quite embarrassing, but this app allows me to practice enunciating whole phrases. Whether you are traveling to Europe or Asia, Reverso has translations for almost all major languages, including; Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Japanese, Italian, Arabic, and Hebrew. Also, with its recent update, Reverso helps translate idioms and conversations from movies. So, before you land at your destination, pick up a few common expressions, store them, and continue on your journey learning the native language of that country with Reverso!

The Original Sleeping Bag with Arms and Legs

If your plan is to travel from hostel to hostel for six months, it’s essential to pack smart. You need an item that will give you comfortability and mobility. This item is the SelkBag. It’s a sleeping bag that conforms to your body shape and height. The booties at the bottom are detachable so you can wear your own hiking shoes and then attach them right back on when you’re ready for a snooze to ensure comfort even at the tip of your toes. You are able to walk around, continue on a small trek, or sleep soundly on any surface with Selkbag. This is perfect for winter or summer weather with its leg vents to help regulate the temperature within the sleeping bag. No need to pack a sleeping bag and blankets, this has all of it in one!

Leave your cell phone, iPod, and Fitbit at home while you travel abroad because Bragi Dash are the best kind of headphones that do it all. You are able to track your heart rate, steps, and all your physical activity. Listening to music on a short flight is easy for Bragi Dash as the battery life lasts for at least 3 hours. Also, you are able to make phone calls and mute surrounding noises while you communicate. Their smart design is ready to fit your ear and is super durable in any kind of environment. Add a soundtrack on your journey and listen to music while you’re swimming, hiking, or laying on the beach.