When social media websites and platforms first entered our lives it was all about community – “You can talk and get to know people from all over the world” is what we were promised, and what we got. Since then, the concept of a social media platform has transformed so many times, and we’re so used to it, that sometimes we forget its initial purpose – to get people together and bring the power of the crowd in order to create something spectacular.

Here are three companies that have decided to go back to the roots of social media and create thriving online communities, using new technology and finding the right niche.  


In this day and age, where millennials switch jobs every couple of years, it’s invaluable to have one platform that helps you know everything you need about the company you’re applying to. You can check reviews of current/former employees, salary satisfaction ratings and study the company in specific categories like “Diversity” and “Support from Management.” kununu just rolled out several new exciting features for companies, like the ability to drill down into over 24 months of data and using it to spot interesting and important trends, as well as  Benchmarking, where customers can compare the company with the rest of the industry. The information comes from current and former employees of the company, which gives you the big picture of what it’s like working for your potential future employer.


This company figured out an immensely significant and life changing part that’s missing from treating cancer – the power of community! Between going to doctors every day, dealing with painful treatments you know very little about, keeping up with a bunch of paperwork, and even reading and following new possible treatments and medical trials is extremely difficult all while battling this god awful disease. Belong decided to ease that process and has opened the door for conversations about cancer and cancer treatment. By using just one app, you can consult with the best experts in the field, share your experiences with other patients, and learn from their wins and losses. The app also reduces your stack of paperwork by organizing it one place, so it’s easily shared and available at the right time. Belong has even integrated with some of the biggest hospitals to create an easy process for all parties involved.


So we’ve covered your professional life and health, but how about something for those fun moments in life? For that, you should start using Shoto! The idea is fairly simple – you create a hashtag for your event and then every social media post (from Facebook and Twitter) with your hashtag will automatically add any photos/videos included in the post to a shared album. Think about a concert you’ve been to, but just didn’t get a good vantage point for a photo – all you have to do is click on the relevant hashtag and you see pictures from everyone that was there. Caught a cute photo of the bride and groom at a wedding? Have constant office shenanigans everyone should see? How about having a doggy album for you and all of your doggy-obsessed friends? The possibilities and fun are endless!

Whether it’s your health, your occupation or how you choose to spend your free time, community will always be a huge part of our lives. We can see that with the constant growth of social media platforms and we can see that with companies, that use this traffic to make something cool, innovative and even life-saving (like the three mentioned above)!