FASHION: a seven letter word that is a part of everyone’s lives, even if they don’t want to admit it. In the past, fashion was fairly common, in the sense that people dressed almost the same (depending on where in the world they were of course). But as time has progressed, so have people’s fashion senses and desires. In the year 2017, fashion technology is becoming a reality more and more! Companies all over the world are coming up with new ways to bring technology and fashion together, and as a fashion and shopping addict, I’m dying to know what will be the next big thing that’s happening with different brands like Alice + Olivia, and if it’s worth me getting!

There have always been those ‘styles’ or products in fashion that can be categorized as rarely used, sometimes used, and always used. Of course they vary depending on the person, but some are consistent with everyone, no matter who you are. I’m sure you’re asking now what exactly am I referring to? Well don’t worry, I’ll explain exactly what I mean.

Fashion That You Rarely Use

Let’s start with runway fashion. Although runways are always fun to watch, let’s be totally honest – no one really ever wears the fashion because sometimes it’s just way too crazy to even be bought. However, there are those occasional items that are acceptable to buy. For example, let’s say you’re watching the Dior or Topshop runway and you see the most amazing coat ever! And yet, being in the 21st century it’s not just a coat; it’s a coat that is also a piece of technology. Now you’re looking at it a bit differently because it’s lighting up with colors and you think to yourself: “Okay, it’s nice but I’d only wear it occasionally, not all the time.”

Fashion That You Occasionally Use

The next option is the sometimes fashion that you’d pick. Intel created MICA, which is one of the latest wearable tech pieces. It’s a luxurious bracelet that’s integrated with technology. Now when you look at this you think: “Okay that’s nice, but I don’t see myself using this everyday.” The brand is nice and so is the technology but it’s so bulky and some might think this isn’t something to wear for everyday.

Fashion That You Always Use

Next in this list of tech and fashion is the AI chatbot, glamix, and this is something you’ll be using everyday, without a doubt! This bad boy doesn’t require buying anything or giving up any valuable real estate on your phone. Now I’m sure you’re wondering where I’m going with this. glamix is a chatbot that works through Facebook Messenger. All you do is either take a picture of the item you want or send it directly from Instagram to on Facebook Messenger and have results in just seconds! OH MY GOD! Is this for real?! With a database of over 6 million products and 2,000 brands, the results are endless. Shopping Heaven has officially opened the gates! 

Fashion may only be a seven letter word but there’s so much more to it than just those letters. There’s all the thought that goes into planning what to buy and why you want to buy it. So next time you’re looking at something think about if you’ll be using it always, sometimes, or never. But also consider how much something costs, and is it really worth your investment.

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