Whether you’re celebrating the anniversary of an important moment in history or commemorating a historical figure, it’s more likely to be highly effective when using social media. By walking through an incredibly creative Twitter project on the Six Day War by Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), we can learn how to honor the past successfully.


50 years ago, the Six Day War occurred in Israel, a highly significant part of the state’s history. Here are some tips to follow based on how MFA is memorializing it…


Establish personalities of fictional and nonfictional characters.

It’s important to get the facts across, yet also entertain your audience with the content you choose. Likewise, having a wide range of characters will attract many different individuals to your project.

Here are some examples used by MFA…


Tweet live updates on the actual days the events occurred.

Creating live updates plays into the excitement behind your project by making the past feel like it’s happening in that moment. Your audience is more likely to stay engaged when they have something to look forward each hour or day. This is why MFA chose a Twitter project compared to a long one-time article, for example.


Promote your tweets to the right audience.

Target marketing is crucial to make sure you spend your time wisely. For example, you wouldn’t target an audience of 80 years old + on Twitter because the majority of people that age don’t use the platform. You also wouldn’t target people that aren’t interested in Israel’s history or that don’t speak the language you’re tweeting in. These tips may seem obvious, but they are the difference between having a successful campaign or not.


Compare the past to the present.

Your audience will enjoy seeing the progress made throughout history. Also, the engagement speaks for itself here…


Choose your hashtags wisely.

There are many ways to do this and it’s not always something you can plan ahead. Choosing a specific hashtag for your campaign is not always the solution either. If your project is interesting and timely, relevant hashtags are probably already trending. It’s a good idea to take advantage of this and hop onboard. For example, shortly into the campaign, MFA discovered #SixDayWar was trending and started to craft it into their tweets. This is one hack to pulling in more followers.


Know your competition.

You’re probably not the first one to create a project about your chosen subject. It’s important to know what your competitors are doing and to do it better. With MFA’s wide variety of engaging content and personalities, they took a step further than their competition.


Lastly, stay organized.

Having one main account to link all of your characters back to helps you not only stay organized but allows your followers to see everything in one place if they choose not to follow 10+ different accounts. Using the account @Tweeting67, MFA aggregated tweets from all of the accounts to one central location.


For more information on the Six Day War Project, check out this list of all Twitter accounts. https://twitter.com/Tweeting67/lists/tweeting-1967.


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