Spring is finally here! There’s something about this time of year that motivates you to start fresh, take on new projects and goals, and make time for things that matter. So while the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming, let’s take this opportunity to leave our bad habits behind and make some positive change in our lives.

Here are three apps to help you kickstart this season:

SleepRate – Oh sleep, so important, yet often neglected. If you’re anything like me you don’t actually get the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep every night, especially during the week. Instead of just relying on the weekend to make up for lost hours, SleepRate helps you monitor your sleeping habits, ensuring that you get enough shut eye throughout the entire week, and also helps you establish a balanced, easy to maintain, healthy sleeping routine. SleepRate offers customizable tips for improving sleep quality and habits, which can help increase your productivity and overall energy. The app is compatible with almost any bluetooth device, with or without a heart rate sensor, to track sleep patterns by using motion and heart rate. Rest assured, SleepRate is medically backed and provides clinically proven recommendations. Now go catch those Z’s.

RunKeeper – While making time for exercise can be challenging, this app helps motivate you to reach your fitness goals with exercise tracking. I personally like RunKeeper because it records your distance, running time and essentially any workout, and it’s really easy to use from your phone. I usually carry mine with me when I run, so the app highlights my route as I go. RunKeeper clearly displays your progress and gives you the option to share your accomplishments with friends and family for all the love and support you can get to keep you going, and going and going (like the energizer bunny). Whether you’re trying to shed those pounds accumulated over the holidays, get in shape or just want to feel good, RunKeeper can help you reach your goals independently. So long couch potato!

OurHome – Make better use of your time this season and accomplish more with a collaborative task/event tracking for your home. OurHome breaks down your tasks and delegates them to family or roommates, taking away the burden of having to remember everything by heart. Let’s be honest, the responsibility always falls on one person and with the OurHome app sharing feature, you can ensure that this spring things will get done more efficiently. You can create and track progress for different tasks based on your needs from chores and other shared responsibilities, such as food shopping, cleaning, paying bills, walking the dog, birthday parties etc. The app also includes a private chat feature for members to communicate with one another, so you can nudge each other when things need to get done while keeping everyone in the loop. With a family-full of busy schedules, it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks, and hopefully OurHome can help you manage your time better, so that you’re not spending it all on chores and logistics.

Go ahead and give these apps a try to transform some of your habits. Spring forward this year to sleep better, stay fit and make time for the things you love to do.