If at first you don’t succeed, are you sure you want to try again?

Tell me if you’ve heard this scenario before: A businessman (or woman) succeeds in an extraordinary way, and explains that part of their success was that they failed a bunch of times before. Familiar right? Failure can be a great learning experience, a catalyst for success and a driving mechanism for reaching new heights.

But let’s not forget that for most people failure could be a disaster. By no means can creating a business and putting your heart and soul into it, only to have it fail, just be shrugged off as a bad experience that you can move on from. Most of us can’t just think of a new idea, get investors, find an office, recruit people etc.

That’s why you have to make the most out of every try (even the first). Here are a few companies that help young startups enjoy early success:

Mindspace – This cool Israeli company has a fresh outlook on the shared-space industry. With a growing number of locations, Mindspace in extending and taking on more countries in Europe and entering the US market. Every Mindspace office is designed in a unique way that helps draw talent to the companies that work there. Mindspace also hosts amazing events and offers an opportunity to be part of a fruitful community that thrives on collaborations. So before you run around all over the town to find a perfect office for your new business, why not use the one that experts already built for you?

Cube – Anyone that has had any connection with the startup scene understands all too well how much of it is dependent on good connections. From finding the right people, to getting a recommendation for a PR company, and even pairing up with the right investors – knowing the right person can sometimes make or break your startup. That’s when Cube comes in. Pairing young, ambitious startups with the biggest and most influential companies from various industries, Cube not only has an actual physical space for startups to do their work, but it also hosts startup events and meetups all over the world. They have already visited London, Barcelona, New York, Shanghai and many more! Cube’s upcoming event in Berlin, Cube Tech Fair 2017, offers 1,000,000 Euro prize for the best startup at the event.

P.S Steve Wozniak is coming and judging the competition!

Spotad – You can’t have a successful business if no-one knows about it. Furthermore, with Mobile web usage overtaking desktop, it’s time to reconsider the way you advertise. Meet Spotad, the adtech tool that will take your mobile ad game to the next level. Spotad basically uses artificial intelligence to determine when a person is most likely to use their phone and open an ad on a website. They use big data, artificial intelligence, and the client’s own information, to do this. The Israeli company is enjoying amazing success and already has over 50 employees spread across 4 countries. In addition, it’s the first and only Western mobile advertising platform connected to all the major Chinese ad-exchanges, like Baidu, Alibaba, Sina, Weibo and others.

Whether it’s finding the perfect space for you, promoting your company, or even creating the right connections to take your business to the next level, these companies recognized the struggles of young entrepreneurs and made it their goal to give them a leg up and help them achieve their dreams. The beautiful part of it that everybody wins!