As an almost first-time mom, you better believe a large portion of my days have been dedicated to researching just about everything baby-related. Just check my Google search history – “must have items for newborns”, “what’s the difference between a bassinet and a crib”, “how to flip a breech baby” – seriously, those are my latest searches… I wish I were joking.

Unlike my mother and grandmother before me who relied entirely on baby basics like bottles, blankets, and even cloth diapers, I have the giant privilege of choosing from a wide variety of awesome baby tech. Now most baby tech guides out there will give you a wide variety of tech to help you soothe, bathe, bounce, feed, or change your baby. I want to focus on a few techy items that might help YOU survive early parenthood.

Here are a few of my faves:

Moodo: People don’t talk about this aspect of child bearing, but babies can be smelly. New parents basically spend a 4th of their day cleaning up both baby and their house like it’s a f*cking crime scene. So why not make your house aroma more tolerable? That’s where Moodo comes in. The IoT fragrance device can be controlled via the Moodo app, and actually mixes scent capsules to create a personalized scent just for you. That way, when you’re knee deep in baby feces, at least you’ll have your own customized fragrance floating around you! The smart scent mixing system is now on Kickstarter.

Aumi: One of my mama friends told me that one of the most useful items she had during the first months after birth was a good nightlight. That sounded a little silly to me – a nightlight for adults? But she quickly made it seem an extremely worthy investment, as new mothers and fathers wake up multiple times a night and want to be to able navigate the room without breaking a leg or waking up their partner. So why not invest in a smart light? Aumi is a bluetooth enabled, multi-color, rechargeable LED smart light that you control with your phone – and hey, it looks really cool too.

Lattissima Touch: I know the breastfeeding police is going to jump down my throat because “coffee is the devil”, but my hubby and I have decided that we’re going to invest in a good high-tech coffee machine that will help us survive through long blurred-together days and nights. After lots of research (check my Google search history for this one too), we decided to go for Nespresso’s Lattissima Touch, an automatic cappuccino system that boasts a new tactile interface and also has a power off function for the many times in which we will be completely delirious and will totally forget to turn off the machine. Honestly though, in this case – coffee is magic – any machine will do the job!

While I’m well aware that we’re in for a wild ride, I’m hoping that these tech items will help take the edge off of parenting… even just a little. Wish me luck!