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The holiday season is here and that means holiday celebrations, vacation getaways, and most importantly big family meals. Avoid sitting at the dinner table with your top pants button undone for comfort. Try out some of these gadgets to stay healthy and in shape this holiday season! Bonjour Smart Alarm Clock – Bonjour is a […]

Whether it’s going in for your yearly physical, starting a new exercise routine, or trying to eat healthy, we are all affected by developments made in the Med/Health Tech world. With new technology flooding the market constantly, even constants in the medical world, like CT scans or MRI machines, are being revamped.  Let’s check out […]

I know that it’s been almost a week since we found out Mr. Trump will be the next US president, but I’m still suffering from some serious election blues. This shock and disappointment has seeped into all elements of my life, and I’m still finding it a little difficult to get out of bed and […]

I am a full believer that exercising outdoors is good for the soul. While running, I have time to think, time to de-stress, and most importantly, time to myself. Combine all of these positive aspects with being outside, and you have a time to enjoy nature while improving your health. However, while running outside, I […]

From giving purpose to VR hardware to a Berlin client’s event, this has been another amazing month to be a Blonde 2.0 client. Inception launched its new VR experience platform thus changing the face of entertainment forever, no biggie. If you want to get the full 360 experience, check out BBC, Yahoo News (Twice), Digital […]