Every four years the entire world becomes sports fans, and are glued to the TV, screaming as their fellow country-people (because now we have to be PC) compete for the coveted gold medal. Yes the Summer Olympics are here, and for some reason they are in Rio. I am definitely a fan of Carnival, but hundreds of thousands of people descending on a city known for favelas, drugs, and crime is a little disconcerting. Recently, scammers and fraudsters have become technologically advanced and have moved their games to the virtual arena. While Olympians will be giving their all for medals of gold and silver, cyber criminals will be also competing for gold and silver of their own: credit and debit cards.medal1 

Brazil is considered one of the most technologically advanced nations of South America, with an overwhelming majority of its citizens online. This makes it a target rich environment, and hosting the Olympics only increases the danger. Yet, with the recent wave of terrorist threats targeted at sporting events, Olympic officials have put cybercrime as a low priority threat. While this may be true, cyber attacks are on the rise and can have devastating effects. To combat these threats, there are advanced softwares that are easily implemented into systems to help mitigate cyber threats. Sixgill is one such technology.

Employing an advanced algorithm, Sixgill is a cyber intelligence SaaS that collects and analyzes big data form the Dark Web in order to combat cybercrime and cyberterrorism. The technology identifies potential hackers by monitoring and tracking their illegal activity and patterns. In addition, Sixgill sends its users real time security alerts and updates about imminent threats to their systems.


AU10TIX is another such software that can easily be used by Olympic officials. Already installed at border crossings around the world, and a major player in the Fintech industry, AU10TIX’s BOS is a leading document authentication technology that can identify fraudulent ID’s and other official documents. The key factor of AU10TIX is that it reviews and validates any piece of Identification within 10 seconds. With hundreds of thousands of people descending on Rio, AU10TIX could ease the load on vendors targeted by illegal activity.

The Olympics are about international camaraderie and friendly competition, where the world comes together and for 16 days and forgets all the problems that plague everyday society. While the majority of us will be cheering as records our broken and medals are won, we should take a second a thank those technologies that protect the plastic gold that we keep in our pockets.