When talking about startups, the majority picture cool gadgets, apps and young people trying to get rich with a slick idea. Most startup founders just find a niche, exploit the market, and cash out. However, not all startups think that way. For some, the ambition of changing the world and truly making a difference is as big of a goal as making money. These are the startups that have the potential to make the most impact in our world, those that invest their time in more than just the money.

Here are a few of those companies that I see becoming an integral part of our future:

SuperMeat is a new startup that wants to eliminate animal consumption from our diets, without actually removing meat from the menu. With a crowdfunding campaign that just went live a couple of weeks ago, the idea is to use real chicken cells and organically grow meat in devices that mimic the natural animal physiology. Besides creating a cruelty-free future that doesn’t depend on the suffering of animals, SuperMeat also wants to save water (which is a key component of the farming industry), save space (99% less needed), considerably reduce greenhouse emissions (around 15%), and last but not least, making clean, disease-free, healthy meat.


So now that our meat is clean and healthy, what about our veggies? For now, we’re still far away from printing lettuce in a lab, but Prospera wants to get the most yield from crops. By placing cameras and sensors on and above the ground, Prospera’s system can monitor for diseases, pests, weather and much more. Even veteran farmers make mistakes, have infestations form in their crops, and other such examples… Prospera will make sure they save time, money, physical labor AND the product will come out better than ever.


“Tell me doctor, what do you see?”, “Good news! The x-ray shows that you should find my glove in a few days”. It’s bad right? Well, at least it’s just a joke.

In real life, Zebra Medical Vision took it upon themselves to make sure doctors get as much automated help reading imaging records as possible. The company’s analytics engine can help medical professionals get a quick and correct diagnosis by scanning imaging records and building a one of a kind database of medical cases. Other than making sure no mistakes are made, the algorithm will get better as the database grows, and thus becoming an incredible tool to any healthcare system.

Uprising man

It’s no secret that we live in the most connected world yet. Speaking to people from all over the world is part of our day-to-day lives at this point. With that said, the biggest issue is that you still need to communicate in the same language. Yes, you can use an automated service to translate a text, but in a real encounter, you still need to use some sort of translator. In comes the Pilot, an earpiece designed to translate other languages into yours, mid conversation. Not only can it help you learn languages, but your traveling becomes instantly easier. The company’s Indiegogo campaign raised 2.5 million dollars, which was 3177% of their initial goal.

Whether it’s about medicine, food, saving the planet, or “just” connecting people, some startups have truly encapsulated what it means to be the tip of the tech spear, while also changing our world for the better.